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Is unix a joke?

Guest Jonny

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Unix is not that powerful unless your team is really bad and feeds, and any hero is powerful under those circumstances. Most AoEs can burn down his marines without issue and his ultimate can be countered many ways. In fact, his ultimate can be countered through all of the following:

  • Hero Stun
  • Boros SS
  • Lockbox (either on him or yourself)
  • Tazer
  • Hero Silence
  • Stun Button on AA hero.
  • Spell resist
  • Parallax Generator

There are so many ways to counter Unix's ultimate that against any decent player his ultimate is worthless. As a result, he has to rely on marines which have very low HP and are to slow for effectively killing most heroes. In addition to all this, his nature of being INT makes him remarkably easy to burn down with a solid burst hero like Cyprus.


Also, please don't multi-post and place your topic in the correct section (Character balance)

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