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Item Suggestions (Nuparu)


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Item suggestions that come to mind when I play. Tell me what you think!



Mechanical Crystal: Push tool.



Mechanical Crystal

Recipe Cost: 700 | Total Cost: 7000

Components: Coat of Arms (3100), Khaydarin Adsorber (3200?)


+50 Strength

+25 Agility

+30 Intelligence



[unique] Grants nearby allies +25% Weapon Speed and Cooldown Reduction.

[Active] Calls down an additional siege tank in the lane, the next wave. 300 second cooldown. Additional Crystals will not summon additional siege tanks.


Use: Pushing the lane. Would help deal with turtles a slight bit more.




Strike Cannon: AoE spell.



Strike Cannon

Recipe Cost: XXXX | Total Cost: YYYY

Components: Twin Paradox Isolator (1825), Higgs-Boson Capacitator (1850)


+60 Intelligence

+15% Cooldown Reduction


[Active] Deals 500 (+100% INT) damage to all non-heroic, non-massive units within a 5 unit radius. 75 second cooldown.

[Active] Deals 100 (+10% INT) damage to all heroic units within a 5 unit radius. 75 second cooldown.


Use: It's like a push tool for int heroes without AoE, like Raynor. It also deters heroes who gank, but not by much.




Electrostatic Drainer: Mana Drain/AA Item




Electrostatic Drainer

Recipe Cost: 125 | Total Cost: 4000

Components: Twin Paradox Isolator (1825), Pneumatized Cloak (2050)


+30 Intelligence

+30 Agility

+20% Weapon Speed

+15% Cooldown Reduction


[unique] Drains and deals Spell Damage equal to 4% of the enemy hero's current mana. Cannot exceed 150 damage.

Use: Dealing with infinite mana heroes (Lurker) and/or heroes who don't die but rely on mana to stay alive (DARPA's jump, Jakk's Mine Field).




Nuclear Capsule: The solution to... AA heroes, and chasers, and runners... basically anything that moves.



Nuclear Capsule

Recipe Cost: 150 | Total Cost: 4200

Components: Crystal Bark (750), Metal Gear (1450), Flare Gun (1850)


+10 Armor

+15% Cooldown Reduction

+400 Energy

+50 Weapon Damage

+20% Lifesteal


-20% Weapon Speed


[Active] Launches a supermagnetic shock at a target, dealing 400 damage and slowing by 150%. 150 second cooldown.




Cape of Secrets: Star Treks, but better... and way more expensive. Good on any hero, really. Except Tanks. Including INT and AGI heroes.



Cape of Secrets

Recipe Cost: 750 | Total Cost: 8000

Components: Arcbound Ravager (3650), Twin Paradox Isolator (1850), Warp Shard (1750)


+30 Strength

+30 Agility

+50 Intelligence

+40% Attack Speed

+40% Crit Chance

+25% Cooldown Reduction


-15 Armor


[unique] +20% Movement Speed, while within 20 units of an allied hero.

[Active] Teleports you to a visible location. 420 second cooldown.




Staff of Fire: A situational AA item- if you can afford to lose AS and Resistance, then the damage will help you. If you can't, free food for Cyprus!



Staff of Fire

Recipe Cost: 1150 | Total Cost: 8000

Components: Flare Gun (1850), Masamune (5000)


+150 Weapon Damage

+10% Cooldown Reduction

+10% Movement Speed

+20% Lifesteal


-20% Physical And Spell Resist

-40% Attack Speed


[unique] Burns the target on attack, granting the attacker +5% Timescale and singing the enemy target, reducing armor by 25%. Timescale stacks 5 times; Armor reduction stacks twice.




Laser Designator: Changing the tide of battle, especially Leviathian fights. Extremely deadly if unnoticed, very hard to use if noticed.



Laser Designator

Recipe Cost: 785 | Total Cost: 9000

Components: Contamination Shard (3000), Isomorphic Pyre (3200), Korhal Vanguard (2015)


+80 Weapon Damage

+20% Attack Speed

+8 Armor


-20% Cooldown Reduction

-800 Mana

[unique] Nearby allies gain 400 Maximum Health and 20% Physical and Spell Resist.

[Active] Marks an area, dealing 800 True Damage to enemy units in a 10 unit radius after 15 seconds. Channeled. 600 second cooldown. Deals no damage to structures. Consumes 100% of remaining mana on blast.


*Disclaimer: You hear a "Nuclear Launch Detected" when this weapon is used, 10 seconds before the blast.



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