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Guide for Inventory Hotkeys


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Because it has been requested several times on the forums and in-game, here is a guide on setting up hotkeys for your inventory. If done properly, you can use these hotkeys to use your active items much faster than by clicking on them.


Step 1:


Open the menu, and select "Hotkeys".






Step 2:


In the top left is a drop-down that lets you choose from different hotkey layouts. Click the "Create Profile" button.






Step 3:


Name your new profile, and click "OK".






Step 4:


Scroll down through the empty buttons at the left until you see the button named "Global". Click it.






Step 5:


Open the Inventory hotkeys, then modify the "Use Slot" 1-6 hotkeys to your heart's content.







Sometimes, when setting up your Inventory hotkeys, an error may occur that unbinds the Hold Position hotkey, which normally has the hotkey 'S'. In the event that that happens, follow these steps:


Step 6:


Click the "Unbound" button.






Step 7:


If you see Hold Position in the Unbound hotkeys, select it and click the "Restore" button, to return it to its original hotkey of 'S'.






Step 8:


The following hotkeys can be left unbound, and should not affect gameplay:







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@ Reaper


I have mine set to f1-f6. f4-f6 probably a bit inconvenient but I've never had to use them anyway because I've never had more than 3 active items and I just move them to the first 3 slots. Might not work well for all keyboards depending on where the f keys are at but for my keyboard they're easily within reach of the qwerty row.

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The f keys only perform additional functions outside of starcraft if you have a keyboard driver installed on the computer that makes them do something else. The only function that could be an issue that is built into the core of windows is alt +f4 which instantly closes whatever program you have open.

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