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[HERO] PLASMIC.Void (Ready For Release)


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07/17/2012 Hero Suggested.


Name: PLASMIC.Void

Portrait: Urun

Unit Base: Heroic Phoenix

Type: Caster [Hard]

Main Stat: Intelligence

Script: (To be determined)




Starting Stats:


Strength: 18+4

Agility: 15+4

Intelligence: 29+8


Health – 295

Movement Speed – 2.8

Attack Range – 5

Attack Speed – 1.9

Damage – 28

Armor – 3









Heroic Passive: Silence is Golden


Enemy heroes who cast spells near PLASMIC, will be silenced for .8 seconds. Range is 3 (+.4*LVL). If an enemy uses a channeled ability, the silence applies after the channel is complete. 1.5 second internal cooldown on each hero.



Charged Release


Cost: 80/90/100/110

Cooldown: 15

Range: 8


PLASMIC releases a plasma charge towards a target location. Upon impact, it discharges a wave around it that deals damage over a short period. After half of the duration, all effected units are pulled towards the origin of the explosion for the remaining damage duration. The distance pulled is equal to a fraction of the distance travelled since damaged by the charge. Deals 60(+30%INT) damage per second. 1.5 second charge time. AoE of 5.5. Pull lasts 1 second on all levels.


Level 1: Effected units take damage over 3 seconds. Pull begins at 1.5 seconds, 35% distance

Level 2: Effected units take damage over 4 seconds. Pull begins at 2 seconds, 40% distance

Level 3: Effected units take damage over 5 seconds. Pull begins at 2.5 seconds, 45% distance

Level 4: Effected units take damage over 6 seconds. Pull begins at 3 seconds, 50% distance


This skill is extremely useful not only because of its large AoE and good damage, but because of its team utility. During the pull, enemies can still attack and use abilities, but they won't be able to control their movement. The distance pulled is only affected by distance walked, meaning that using an Impact Dial or Cow’s burst will affect distance pulled, but using a warp shard or getting plucked will not.



Disrupting Link


Cost: 50

Cooldown: 18

Range: 3; 7


PLASMIC links an allied hero with him giving them both spell resist. The linked ally gains a buff that stuns and silences units that attack it. Silence stacks up to 3 times. Once linked, the buff will stay active until the range between PLASMIC and his ally is greater than 7, or the link has been active for 12 seconds. If link is continued until the end of the duration, cooldown will be set to 4 seconds. Cooldown timer will not begin until the link is completed or broken. Can't be casted on self.


Level 1: +16% spell resist, enemies who attack are stunned for .1 seconds, and silenced for .5 seconds

Level 2: +24% spell resist, enemies who attack are stunned for .15 seconds, and silenced for .75 seconds

Level 3: +32% spell resist, enemies who attack are stunned for .2 seconds, and silenced for 1.0 second

Level 4: +40% spell resist, enemies who attack are stunned for .25 seconds, and silenced for 1.25 seconds


This is a great spell to discourage enemies from attacking your linked ally, while providing both of you with much needed spell resist. Try to stay close to your link or it will break and go on cooldown. This is also not a channeled spell, so you won't have to worry about being silenced in the middle of it. The only way to break the link is to move too far away or die.



Icy Blade


Cost: 50/70/90/110

Cooldown: 15

Range: 7.5/8/8.5/9


PLASMIC shoots a blade in a target direction, damaging the first unit it hits, and slowing the movement speed of enemy heroes in an AoE of 3 by 35% for 3 seconds. If the blade hits an enemy hero, the cooldown is reduced to 5 seconds.


Level 1: 80(+75%INT) Damage, range of 7.5

Level 2: 140(+75%INT) Damage, range of 8

Level 3: 200(+75%INT) Damage, range of 8.5

Level 4: 260(+75%INT) Damage, range of 9


This skill is reasonably spammable, deals good damage, and the slow is helpful for landing your Charged Release. The hardest part is just landing it. In the lane it is very useful because of its great range, allowing you to keep your enemies crying for health.



One for one


Cost: 100/175/250 per second

Cooldown: 2:00/1:45/1:30

Range: 5/8/11


PLASMIC channels a beam at a target enemy hero. Once beam is connected, both PLASMIC and the target will levitate. During the channel, the target cannot be targeted, cast spells, or attack, but takes damage equal to 60% energy used by PLASMIC. PLASMIC loses energy per second, takes increased damage, and cannot attack or cast other spells. Effect must be channeled for a minimum of 3 seconds or PLASMIC will be silenced for 3 seconds. If PLASMIC dies during the channel, targeted hero regains all of the health taken during the channel. Max duration of 7 seconds.


Level 1: + 45% Damage Amplification, range 6

Level 2: + 40% Damage Amplification, range 9

Level 3: + 35% Damage Amplification, range 12


The spell provides a very strong disable, allowing you to remove any enemy hero from the game for a long period of time. Make sure you are ready to commit to a lengthy time in the same position and have plenty of energy to spare, because you won’t be able to do anything else until you break the channel and this spell consumes energy per second. Because you also take increased damage, it is recommended to find a safe location to channel from. Keep in mind, that everyone can see the beam you are making, and use it to find you. The key is to cast your other spells, and then remove one important hero from the game. Just make sure to channel for at least 3 seconds, or you may screw yourself over. While the potential damage is high, it require you to have a very high energy pool to perform it. Using this for too long will rid you of all your energy, making you useless.


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400 + (75%) int on 12 second cooldown. Wow. And the passive is so broken, infinite silencing.


even for a skill shot hes right its way to much dmg... i would sightly lower the cd (maybe15-20 seconds) and decrease it to at least 300+75%. also his passive would make it impossible for any channeling abilities to be used which is broken. the skill is similar to a skill from a dota 2 hero silencer but what makes his not broken is that it silences them after they cast so channelers can still do their thing but u cant use rapid fire spell combos, and i would suggest u do something like this or else certain hero's will become worthless in team fights (unix is the first that comes to mind along with quite a few others)

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Q: 10% distance at 1.5 seconds seems pretty horrible while 40% distance at 3.0 seconds is good. Maybe making the distance % constant would be better or it would scale in a multiplicative way.


W seems fine.


E: Your scaling is x [+y% INT] to 2x [+y% INT] to 3x [+y% INT] to 4x [+y% INT]. It would be better if it was 2x [+y% INT] to 3x [+y% INT] to 4x [+y% INT] to 5x [+y% INT]. This way [the latter expression], x = 48. For aesthetic purposes and probably for the best, x = 45. y in this case should be 75, giving you:

90 [+75% INT]

135 [+75% INT]

180 [+75% INT]

225 [+75% INT]

A good way to increase the final value would be to increase the base value farther from 2x, but the gain should always be x per skill level. This is needed because your spell deals inconsiderate amount of damage at level one considering it's a skillshot and even has low range.


R: Look at it this way:

You have 600 energy at level 6, 20% of which would be 120.

You have 1600 energy at level 11, 30% of which would be 480.

You have 2800 energy at level 16, 40% of which would be 1120.

Considering how roughly the spell scales, I would probably leave this at a constant 40%. You might also consider having a base damage value, since the disable to you and the damage amplification is a hell lot. I like the idea of an energy-based disable.

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Your points are well made, thanks for the help. In regards to what you said about the ulti, I don't want it to be doing too much damage. You basically disable someone and get free damage on them; however, the main purpose of this ability is to disable. If you position yourself properly, and engage at the right time, you probably won't suffer from the damage amp.

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I love how you make your hero names so ordinary. Mine sounds so weird! Anyway, does making heroes occasionally improve your view count? Since my new hero has only 3 views!

I did warn you about saturating the suggestion forums with consecutive hero suggestions...

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I did warn you about saturating the suggestion forums with consecutive hero suggestions...


I did warn him too, even back in the old forums. [bABY BABY BABY FOOD] XD


And also, they're weird because they're named after you. Mineral.Truelight / something.Minerai.

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"Effect must be channeled for a minimum of 3 seconds or PLASMIC will suffer a stun."


Remove this. Reason being there are already enough downsides towards using this ability:

  1. Channeling
  2. Reasonably Long CD
  3. Extremely easy to counter.
  4. Crazy Damage Amp.

Suggested Change:

  1. Finite Duration.
  2. You are Silenced for ∂ duration if you're link breaks before 3 Seconds of channeling.

Reason for the finite duration is because in a 1v1 scenario this is just flat out Win.

If that was what you were aiming for, by all means, go for it. It would just feel kind of lame playing against this hero solo.


If you do change this to a finite duration, consider buffing 35% mana to damage up to around 75% mana to damage. Depending on the channeling length.

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Okay, now I am having a slight problem. I want the ulti to scale well enough to deal decent damage, but mainly be used for the 7.5 second disable. At low levels, taking 60% of energy would yield damage close to a cyprus ulti. But once itemized, damage output based on 60% energy could yield over 2k damage.


EDIT: Problem solved.

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"Once linked, the buff will stay active until the range between PLASMIC and his ally is greater than 7, or the link has been active for 12 seconds. Breaking the link will reset the cooldown. Can't be casted on self."


I am not understanding one point of this. I like the skill, even though it could be a bit strong with a Stun/Scilence feature (no matter how minimal that is). Is the stun based on a target that is being linked taking physical damage, or any damage source (AA, Spell Damage, True damage; All, One)?


Another thing. If the link breaks the CD resets? So If I cast it on lets say my Shadow and want to put it on my Rory, I can skip the 18 second cool down by intentionally walking away from the person I am linking? Personally it should be the opposite. Lets say you successfully link someone for entire duration and the skill dies out naturally, you would be rewarded with a reset. This promotes commitment and forces the player to decide on who should get the link, without making it something that really doesn't seem to effect gameplay (Like Rory's Chrono Rift[W]).


I really like your E. I was considering changing my Immortal Hero Suggestion's E (Twin Khali Cannons) to be more of this nature. Maybe without the AoE, and add a slow+ cd reduction upon successfully landing it on a hero. I am still on the fence about it because I think the current skill, although difficult to land, could provide more utility and play along with the Siege Weapon style of the Immortal (Or at least a Heavy Mech).

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Answering questions like this about my hero makes my day lol.


The stun/silence are only applied when attacked with physical damage pretty much auto attacks (it does include skills that do physical damage as well).


As far as the cooldown being reset, I didn't word my self correctly. I meant that breaking the link would put the cooldown back up to 18 seconds. But I really like your idea of the reward for supporting. I will implement something along those lines.


I'm glad you like it. And I really like the E on your immortal hero. It is very unique and useful. Of course you can change it if you want, but I honestly like it the way it is.

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