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[Database] Infernal.Mandrake [1.10]


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Strength 31 + 8

Agility 18 + 2

Intelligence 26 + 5



[td]Base Health: 250[/td]

[td]Movement Speed: 2.9[/td]

[td]Base Weapon Speed: 36[/td]

[td]Attack Range: 0.8[/td]

[td]Sight Range: 12[/td]





Primary Role: Tank


Secondary Roles: Initiator


Lore: Once rooted in the fiery depths of a sun, a solar flare ejected Infernal Mandrake onto land. With a subsistence that once depended on the intense flames of a star, he now roams the land seeking sources of heat to fuel his dying form. Mandrake is a creature native to stars, but can sometimes be found residing within the cores of planets, where the intense heat is an adequate habitat for the beast.


Summary: -





Fan_The_Flames.pngFan the Flames

[td]Ability Type: Heroic Passive[/td]

[td]Damage Type: -[/td]

[td]Hotkey: -[/td][/table]


Mandrake gains +3 Strength every time he gets a hero kill or assist.




Molten_Lance.pngMolten Lance

[td]Ability Type: Active[/td]

[td]Damage Type: Spell[/td]

[td]Hotkey: Q[/td][/table]


The Mandrake deals 60/120/180/240 (+60% INT) Spell Damage to enemies in the target area, then pulls all units in the line of fire towards himself.


Level 1: 60 (+60% INT) damage.

Level 2: 120 (+60% INT) damage.

Level 3: 180 (+60% INT) damage.

Level 4: 240 (+60% INT) damage.





[td]Ability Type: Toggle[/td]

[td]Damage Type: Spell[/td]

[td]Hotkey: W[/td][/table]


The Mandrake gains 10% Movement Speed. Every second, the intense heat deals 30/50/70/90 (+1% of your Maximum Health) Spell Damage to both the Mandrake and nearby enemies.


Level 1: 30 + (1% of maximum health) damage per second.

Level 2: 50 + (1% of maximum health) damage per second.

Level 3: 70 + (1% of maximum health) damage per second.

Level 4: 90 + (1% of maximum health) damage per second.




Molten_Armor.pngMolten Armor

[td]Ability Type: Passive[/td]

[td]Damage Type: Spell[/td]

[td]Hotkey: -[/td][/table]


The Mandrake gains +4/8/12/16% Spell Resistance. If an enemy attacks the Mandrake within a 3 unit range, they are burned for 4 seconds. Burned units take 10/20/30/40 Spell Damage per second.


Level 1: +4% Spell Resistance. Burns for 10 Spell Damage per second.

Level 2: +8% Spell Resistance. Burns for 20 Spell Damage per second.

Level 3: +12% Spell Resistance. Burns for 30 Spell Damage per second.

Level 4: +16% Spell Resistance. Burns for 40 Spell Damage per second.





[td]Ability Type: Active[/td]

[td]Damage Type: Spell[/td]

[td]Hotkey: R[/td][/table]


The Mandrake detonates himself, dealing 200/300/500 (+100% INT) Spell Damage in a large area around himself. Damaged units are sent Airborne for 1.25 seconds, and lose 50% Movement Speed for 3 seconds. Mandrake remains buried for 5 seconds, regenerating 10% Health and Energy per second.


Level 1: Deals 200 (+100% INT) damage.

Level 2: Deals 350 (+100% INT) damage.

Level 3: Deals 500 (+100% INT) damage.

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