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Garamond suggestions


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I have played him a few times and enjoy him but think these would be some good changes for him


1) Make his turrents set attack priority to heros over creeps, there isnt alot of time to be switching control from gara to turrents in order to tell them what to attack. With the way battle can get intense and changed from good to bad it nice to be able to stay in control of hero.


2) when using Gara ult his SCV's also target creep over heros, it be nice if this too would be changed so that the SCV's would attack heros that are within a radious of them instead of creep. There is much time to select them all and command them to attack, and when low on health and u have to hit it on the fly ur kinda wasting the attack.

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1) Yes there is.


2) No, people should be able to control what it attacks. They aggro on what you attack with Garamond, which is how it should be. It would be nice to have them bound to a control group.


There was a thread in developers blog about Garamond. This has all been addressed. Lock the thread please.


Here is a link to the balance blog:



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