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Need an auto-kick system...


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Not to be confused with the "vote kick" option which has it's own, heavily debated thread below, where it's basically come down to worrying whether new players would be vote kicked and ruin the game's infusion of players or not.


But what I'd really like to see implemented is a simple "auto kick" feature against AFK types who are gone for over 5-10 minutes of gameplay, just hanging out in their base. There is absolutely no reason teams should have to put up with this, and if you go 5-10 minutes without killing any neutral creeps, spawned mobs or players...yeah, there's no legitimate complaint for being removed. Often I've seen players just be afk from the start of the game, and a couple of times some guy just goes afk (and in one case was just a dick and went patrolling back and forth in the start room), to the detriment of the team.

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