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Lane selection


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Short lanes are top for Zerg and bottom for Protoss, it is vice versa for the long lane. And I assume you know mid.


Benefits of each:


Short lane - For heros that have a throw, pluck, pull, or trap it can be beneficial to have them in the short lane to help them get early game tower kills. Also, the short lane is better for squishier heros because they are closer to a tower where they can and will be safe. Those are the two main benefits.


Long lane - This lane is fairly easy to push since the creep wave is close to the tower, so for pushing heros like bio, unix, gara, queen, it can be good to go the long lane. In general. the heros that can sustain better, or the more durable heros will go to the long lane to mitigate harass from the short lane heros.


Mid - best for carries that need to last hit to get a lead. You dont share the experience and you dont have to compete for creep kills. mid is also good for ganking heros such as vorpal, grunty, shadow, etc.


So yes it really does depend on your lane.

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