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Finally introducing Myself


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Hello all my name is Reaper and i thought finally i would properly introduce myself as i have not done and it is long over due.

I originate from SEA but the lack players has pushed me towards NA and now unfortunatly my name doesnt carry any weight anymore in SEA :(

The country i live in is....u guessed it Liechtenstein no but srsly could u imagine anyone living there? if anyone does tell me what the weather is like but srsly i live in the one and only Australia imo the best country in the world.

and my favourtie hero would easily have to be Boros/Grunty

I love Boros for one reason his bola and nothing else.

and i love Grunty for all his skills but most of all his rocket (nothing better then sniping a running away from other side of map)

My favourite item have to be old taser or old ihan but because they were boss.

I dont know my cpu specs i can run everything on extreme graphics.

favourite food would ez have to be Pasta pretty much any kind but my fav is home made pasta by italians when they cook everything from scratch.

i dont play spots with clubs but in my spare time i go shooting, motobike riding and having beer drinking games with friends.


Anyways i dont have much more to say about myself EXCEPT i will be known SEA again...some day.....when i can be botherd waiting for a game. And as for peps of NA U SHOULD KNOW ME BY NOW AND RESPECT ME (and pee a little bit every time u see me in a lobby.) And yeah.


P.S If someone could pm telling me how to make a signature at bottom of post would be much appreciated.

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