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Dota 2 Tournament...


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You dont have to join my team.... This is mainly to show you a link to a open tournament of no cost, of a dota community I support....

If you are intererested in joining my team, I would be playing the majority of the midddle lane gameplay, with a few exceptions to solo long lane and jungle......

http://www.dotacinema.com/tournaments/smoke-of-defeat-us-eu Heres Link.

If you would like to play on my team send me a message on this website and tell me what role you would like to fufill....

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Is it not too late to apply for the role of team feeder? I have only played 2 games of dota 2 but i think that i am more than capable of feeding an entire team. I'm the reason why you're not allowed to feed the animals at the zoo. I simply overfeed them all. If i was in Africa, they would think America was malnutritioned with the way i feed. Thanks for your consideration.

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