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[New Hero] Tzu.Nomee


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I'll skip any formalities and get right to the good stuff.




- Began creation


Name: Tzu.Nomee

Portrait: Colossus

Unit Base: Colossus (smaller scale)

Type: INT caster/support

Script: As a master mechanic, Tzu.Nomee creates war machines, but due to his dwarfish size, they are not completely gigantic. Tzu hails from a long line of magical water sprites, however, he did not inherit these powers. To make up for this, he made his ultimate machine in the form of the protoss colossus. This colossus has all of the powers of a water sprite with the durability of a protoss colossus.


Tzu has made his colossus able to store the water it needs to cast its spells, and a system to refill those tanks. However, when near an immediate source of water, Tzu can manually use that water instead of his own, and it will be more powerful, I mean seriously, what is more powerful than natural, unprocessed water?


Starting Stats:

Base Health 240

Movement Speed – 3

Attack Range 7

Attack Speed – 1.6

Base Damage 50

Attack Name | Animation - Laser beam/ colossus attack animation (no splash)

Base Armor 3

Strength – 22 + 5

Agility – 24 + 5

Intelligence – 28 + 6




Heroic Passive: River casting

"Tzu uses the natural water in the river to cast his spells, and also gains some to carry with him."


Effect: While Tzu is in and up to 8 seconds after being in the river, his spells energy costs are halved and each spell gains an additional effect and damage.




Ability One: Squirt

"Tzu sprays a single enemy with a burst of water."

Energy Cost: 20/30/40/50

Cooldown: 3 seconds between charges (can hold up to 5 charges)

Range: 8


Level 1: deals 60 (+60% INT)

Level 2: deals 70 (+60% INT)

Level 3: deals 80 (+60% INT)

Level 4: deals 90 (+60% INT)


River Caster Bonus: Splashes damage and deals it within an AoE of 3 from target unit.


Uses: Mainly a poking spell early game, but can become potent late game.




Ability Two: Thin Ice

"Tzu changes the ground at and around the target enemies feet to thin ice."

Energy Cost: 80/100/120/140

Cooldown: 25/21/19/16 seconds

Cast time: .3 seconds

Range: 5


Level 1: Target breaks the ice at 80% max health or above

Level 2: Target breaks the ice at 70% max health or above

Level 3: Target breaks the ice at 60% max health or above

Level 4: Target breaks the ice at 50% max health or above


River Caster Bonus: halves the maximum health amount to trigger.


Effect: When the enemy unit breaks the ice and an AoE of 2.5 around it, it is stunned for 2 seconds, and will be slowed by 50% for the next 3 seconds. Does nothing if target does not break the ice. Lasts for 3 seconds or until ice is broken.


Uses: Mainly an initiation spell and useful for shutting down essential fighters. It is difficult to use in a chase.



Ability Three: Scalding Water blast

"Tzu releases the water being used to keep the machine cool. Dealing damage to enemies and burning them over time"

Energy Cost: 50/60/70/80 to each spell cast

Cooldown: None (toggleable)

Cast time: .5 seconds

Range: Self


Level 1: Spells deal an additional 50 (+30% INT) spell damage per second for 5 seconds

Level 2: Spells deal an additional 60 (+30% INT) spell damage per second for 5 seconds

Level 3: Spells deal an additional 70 (+30% INT) spell damage per second for 5 seconds

Level 4: Spells deal an additional 80 (+30% INT) spell damage per second for 5 seconds


River Caster Bonus: Halves the cooldown of the ability used.


Effect: Burns targets over time (will also apply to thin ice). But makes spells cost more to cast.




Ultimate Ability: Tzu.Nomee Tsunami

"Tzu forces a great wave of water to strike enemies in a line across the map and when struck, each enemy will be stunned for 1 second."

Energy Cost: 200/300/400

Cooldown: 90/75/60

Range: Infinite


Level 1: Deals 300 (+60% INT) spell damage.

Level 2: Deals 450 (+60% INT) spell damage.

Level 3: Deals 600 (+60% INT) spell damage.


River Caster Bonus: Tsunami travels at a speed of 20 instead of 10.


Effect: The tsunami travels at a move speed of 10 and is 7 units across (3.5 units on each side of Tzu).



So let me know what you think, I think this would be hero would be a pretty cool counter and partner to molgloo, considering that they both want control of the river. Whatever you think needs tweaking, let me know, I threw together most of the abilities while making them, but somehow got it so they all will work together well. Also, any questions you may have, or errors that I may have made be sure to let me know about those.


Thanks :D

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Maybe when he casts spells, they leave a small pool of water, 2 units wide on the ground for 10 seconds? That way more synergy, and other lane potentials. Prolly imba but whatever :P


Yes, that would be IMBA, if he could make his own water, it would make him much better outside of the river, which isnt supposed to work that way, considering the water wouldn't be pure :P


oh and thanks for Necroing this, I don't have the balls to do it myself ;)

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