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Mking's bribe


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U can do lots of things with Mking's ult. Instead of dominating a Thor, bat or tank, controlling a marauder is so great. It superbly reduces enemy's weapon speed and MS and it's an AoE. Also when Mking came out ecko also set ultra as heroic unit to prevent mking trolls. (so ultra can block raynor's ult? lol)

I always bribe a zealot or stalker and make it follow lz or cyprus. U can control levi's banelings as well?=p

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Well, I would reason that using it on Queen's Ultralisk isn't fair as that's Queen's Ultimate.


Also; if Tosh lost a Spectre he can just get another last-hit to get another one.


Now what I would love to see would be if MK could have multiple bribed units at the same time. ;)


You forgot that spectre would have his stats raised an he could dominate everything.

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