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IH/Pub Streams


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I started yesterday with some streaming, (im noob with it so dont flame me!)


Tested a IH out and some pubs. (thx Justbooom,residente,takeray ;)

And will do more in future ih's, kinda gives a extra dimension to games and how some teams get crushed (hihi) :D


First IH was bit bugged,sound didnt get over, the pub tests have sound!

Ill try make some more later on.


Check it out if ya want,




Gz Hugz!

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GL, you'll carry the torch from me and Shab, mainly Shab, I guess :)


I think its good there is streaming of aos so gl. But will you just stream ih or also cast them aswell ?

However are you going to upload every game or not, because i dont think people want to see slow 3/4 leaver 50 min 20 kill total games

Twitch.tv automatically uploads all VODs, and each VOD is started/stopped when the stream was started/stopped - so a good idea is to reset the stream between games, to seperate them, avoid confusion and make linking to specific games/vods possible.

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Hey guys,


I rarely have the time to commit to organizing an IH these days, but I still pub pretty often. I'm bringing my old stream back if anyone wants to see me play.


Mostly pubs, some channel 5v5s here and there, sadistic Grunty rockets, non-sh1tty music. If that's what you're into, you'll probably enjoy the stream.



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