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Make balanced teams (and a balanced rating system to support it ^^)


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I'm sure I'm not the only one who dislikes all those highly unbalanced pub games in which a premade team rapes a sometimes ok team with half-noobs ruining the game...

(I was on the raped side, now I'm fed up and I almost only play in parties, but being on the raping side is just a bit more satisfying).


Would it be possible to put an option which would make teams as even as possible, obviously according to something like the current rating system...


Of course, this would mean the rating system works better !

I think we all agree about the fact that >2000 rating means you're an ok player, but I'm sometimes amazed to see good players with a rating around zero (and when you ask them, they tell you they never leave a game).


Anything about the rating system and that option which would mean finally some entertainment in most games ?


TY, and thx for all you've already done !

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Majority of the friends i party with have a negative rating lol. [based on your system, it would a new person as better than my friends then (And that could be possible :D)]


I usually don't have issues with pre-made teams.


The counter is to be good ^^. Also play a hero that can stand on its on, aka a non-support hero.


Even if i lose the game, i usually come out with highest kills. :D


Only issue comes when the entire team has a counter vs you [Aka, you go cyprus, and they all have hp, spell resist, spell resist aura, and tasers//silence abilities]

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Teams need support heroes as well as carries. Organized pubstomp teams are either composed of all carries (get fed, win game) or are actually balanced.


Good luck getting a balanced comp with random players.



Honestly though, I don't know how to solve it other than having some kind of tutorial system and some kind of delay before you can lock in as your hero.

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it sounds like you want a ladder system for AOS ;)


But the issue is that your "record" is actually stored in a text file on your computer for AOS

A file you have full control to edit if you want or not


+I dont think you could have the lobby read peoples bank files ahead of time and use them for placement

Ladder league info is stored server side not client side


Still It would be cool if it were doable

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@IsThatGuy : that's why my suggestion goes along with a reliable rating system ;-) and having the best K/D/A overall in game doesnt change the fact that you'll lose in the end with your noob team ! Being good and having a stand alone hero doesn't make the game more interesting : being good yourself is one thing, having a nice game with two balanced teams having to cooperate to win is another, and much more interesting ! Furthermore, in such situations you'll have more chances to see experienced players babysitting their noobs to make them useful in endgame team fights.


@FruitNinja : nothing will ever change the fact that most players will wanna play imba carries in pub games. Except perhaps when most eperienced players will realise that their noob carries need help... which sometimes leads to well composed teams enough tanks/supports to carry carries ! Only a draft system would bring some interest to team composition (I sometimes spend time trying to remember which hero opponents play the most before I choose mine ^^), but I don't think it suits pub games with the current level.

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The placement would occur in game not in lobby.


Entirely doable from what I've seen other maps do. You only need to modify lobby to be 1 team and in game split people into 2 teams


Personally I think making rating mean something and be useful is a good thing.


O yeah that would be doable


Altho I would go off of KDA and games played not rating


Rating is meaningless ;)


This is actually a really good idea tho cause auto balancing teams would help disperse more experienced players to diff sides

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