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Hello, all. Aeon of storms came just when i was getting very very sad about direction of sotis. And how i was getting bored of playing. That being said maybe main reason maybe was because i mainly play public games and with lack of competitive play. i have played some IH, but most them been stacked, and we lost horribly or won. i lost 2 IH games and won 1, in IH environment i can’t play initiator and tanks, and also carries. However game I did won I was queen, and we did very well as well YUNI, Made Ultralisk being healed op. as well enemy team couldn’t kill ultralisk at mid game as ego aka yuni was out healing turret and also out healing enemy team members. Tower went down regardless.


Anyway Aeon of storms was nice change even though nothing changed, having community more involved in evolution of game seems nice thing to do. And good path for game to go. Anyway name is soMeRandoM and number is 670 on sea. I do have NA account; however it was created for my sister if she ever wanted to play Sc2. When I was young, I was know for being unfair in console and computer games as what ever game I touched I manage to break(as in not physical I break game through software as I would find exploit or weakness in game system to abuse against my friends or against AI) so games end up just being serious but not serious at same time. As I dn but having player fly around map with energy sword and rocket launcher in halo 2 as being serious and even better having person hijacked out banshee randomly in air and he falls to his death. What ended up happening is most games energy sword was disabled. But it didn’t stop me. It was more skill. As me with shotgun was that abuse with hitting and shooting at same time.


:P. yeah I was that type guy, Im not really new user. Because new users are people who are unskilled and when they have any little skill they stay at that level and refuse to change. Pubstars are players who stay same hero in game and decide that they don’t need change because they have best playstyle or game method. This goes for all games I play and I tend to feel I’m bit both but, I change around with new play styles. Im sure ur definitions will be different. But that’s how I feel my friends like and I made my definitions from them. Eg needler handlers in halo, are new users but they also fun to play with. I hate games where game stacked I rather have close lost, then far win, as you then won’t learn. All I need do know is observe other players and learn from their mistakes and not my own make me from low tier player into high tier player in AOS. And also remembering the mistakes and recording them. It turned into another wall great


edit: better? or less text, more abbreviations less history, or just 1 word. ok? edit: i have feeling that people dont like extreams of both ends. Giant Walls and duo word sentences. atleast im not as bad before. where writing up 6k+ character talk. 2,927

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