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3Ds Max incoming.


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3Ds Max is a tool to make 3D models of anything.


Hots editor will let import models done for 3Ds max.


Now there's no excuse for getting a naked girl or whatever.


Seriously, What would you like to see as character?



P.D: My drawing skill with pictionary is awesome!!!!!!!!

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You know...

Blender is free and somebody wrote a python script to import Sc2 models.

Save yo cash..


Well i am not a graphic desgner so my cash is saved anyway


I don't know you can do with blender. But i am not speaking about to import Sc2 models to blender or 3dsmax but importing TO starcraft 2 models you have done with 3ds max.


If you can do it that with blender then your answer is valid. My ignorance about this wouldn't let me discuss more.

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