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Item Power Rating


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So I decided to create a rating system to quantify how powerful items were in terms of the damage they contribute to an attack damage carry. The general formula takes the output damage as a result of attack speed, critical strike chance, attack damage, and damage abilities that proc on item use and divides them by their cost. This result is then multiplied by 1000 to give a nice pretty number. Stat bonuses were applied. Assumptions include a base attack rate of 1.8, base damage of 100, and enemy health to be 2000. Addtionally, it was assumed attacks were applied over 3 seconds and that all physical and spell damage is reduced by 30%.


So here are the top 6 items for attack damage carries:

1. Explosive Retrofit - 71.2 (30.9)

2. Hand of Mengsk - 63.6

3. Isomorphic Pyre - 62.5

4. Shadowmourne - 43.9 (27.0)

5. Lightning Rod - 42.3

6. Contamination Shard - 36.1


The reason Explosive Retrofit is so high is because the AoE damage effects the target, which is likely to be adjusted eventually. Additional consideration can be given to Lightning Rod, which has its bonus damage applied over each of the attacks. Hand of Mengsk is considered to be active and while inactive receives only a 25.4 (average rating 44.5). Shadowmourne is calculated using 100 attack damage for the enemy hero. Furthermore, there was no consideration given to the utility of items (i.e. lifesteal, cloaking, increased vision, CDR, health, regen, etc.)

And just in case you were wondering how other items competed . . .


7. Arcbound Ravager - 35.1

8. Khali Blade - 34.8

9. Masamune - 33.3

10. Stun Baton - 32.6

11. Lethal Barb - 32.2

12. Phase Cloak - 30.4


It should be noted that component items were also calculated but not included in this list.


Here is a complete list of the items and their rating:


1. Hand of Mengsk - 63.6

2. Isomorphic Pyre - 62.5

3. Lightning Rod - 42.3

4. Contamination Shard - 36.1

5. Arcbound Ravager - 35.1

6. Khali Blade - 34.8

7. Masamune - 33.3

8. Stun Baton - 32.6

9. Lethal Barb - 32.2

10. Explosive Retrofit - 30.9

11. Eye of Duran - 29.9

12. Time Splitter - 28.7

13. Galatic Defender - 27.8

14. Shadowmourne - 27.0

15. Sliptyde Scythe - 26.4

16. Star's Fury - 25.6

17. Kinetic Battery - 25.3

18. Sunflare Gun - 22.3

19. Shinobi Style - 22.3

20. Shrink Ray - 20.5

21. Gravity Edge - 19.0

22. Darwin's Might - 18.1

23. Force of Entropy - 12.4

24. Cerebro - 10.9

25. Eternal Drive - 8.9


Tier 1 Items:

1. Duran's Machette - 35.8

2. Runic Gavel - 35.5

3. Flare Gun - 35.1

4. Phase Cloak - 30.4

5. Serrated Cleaver - 27.7

6. Glutton's Bite - 26.5

7. Valor's Manifest - 26.5

8. Vibranium Shield - 23.0

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I wasn't suggesting a default build for an attack damage carry. I was just listing the top 6 items in terms of how much damage they contribute when you take into account their cost. Shadowmourne may be a counter but based on my calculations it would contribute more damage for the cost of the item than most other items even when attacking someone who isn't building attack damage. Although, I should mention that it was calculated using 167 damage output, which is essentially an adc with two completed items. Instead I've revised it to be an average that better approximates its actual value as a dps item. The newer calculation assumes no more than one completed item on your opponent. I would like to mention that while Explosive Retrofit rates higher than HoM in terms of overall damage output, the HoM has much more utility from its movement speed buff, cooldown reduction, and lifesteal.


Editted Value for Shadowmourne - 27.0

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I do not think that this is really valid for some things, because you are comparing the worth of having JUST ONE item + other insignificant stats. Having multiple items in your build changes things quite a bit. For example, HoM becomes almost worthless after you get 1-2 attack speed items on a typical A.S. carry, because it's best given stat, weapon speed is made capped and not used, while it's weapon damage, life steal, and cdr are all available in better quantities on other items. Likewise, Shadowmourne is only as strong as the enemy hero, thus in your case not strong at all, but in reality, it's scary good, and I'd get it every game regardless of heroes or anything else, if only it's components weren't so attrocious, considering it's high cost. Therefore, I am not sure how this is helpful for anyone.



Another thing: Explosive deals no damage to primary target.

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From what I understand, Explosive Retrofit and Lightning Rod both deal damage to their primary target, which will eventually be fixed. As per your example, if you had HoM activated with a pyre (+25 weapon speed) and lightning rod (+25% weapon speed) you would be just below the cap. The primary analysis done on Shadowmourne was more of a late game estimate and thus not nearly as comparable to the other items. The purpose of this post is to highlight the true output of damage of items. For instance, looking at the average for items that provide weapon damage, attack speed, and critical chance I can show how items that give weapon damage are much more beneficial to adc's than critical chance items. Again, this rating system does not take into account the utility of items, which would be impossible to quantify by simple examination.

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Darwin's is actually rated quite low. In fact, here are the bottom six:


1. Eternal Drive - 8.9

2. Cerebro - 10.9

3. Force of Entropy - 12.4

4. Darwin's Might - 18.1

5. Gravity Edge - 19.0

6. Shrink Ray - 20.5


Again, since this is just quanitfing damage with respect to cost the great utility of items like Darwin's does not rank very high since it isn't valued for its damage.

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Sorry I will never accept HoN as top item, it's a fact that Darwin's even with the higher cost is better. Comparing quality cost, Gluttons Bitte is better. Pyre, Darwins, Cont. Shard, Shadowmourne should be in the top.


Tbh I don't understand your maths (maths in general) but from experience I would call a fact that Pyre (even with the nerf) is the best DPS item, probably followed by darwins, shadowmourne, masamune, cont. shard in no particular order imo.

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Allow me to explain the general formula:

{[(Item Damage)*Time/Attack Speed]+[base Damage*Time/Modified Attack Speed-Base Damage*Time/Base Attack Speed]+[(Damage*Time/Attack Speed*Critical Chance)*0.3]+Additional Components}/Cost *1000 = Power Rating

The first bracket term takes into account the flat damage an item provides, the second term takes into account any weapon speed modifier, the third term takes into account the damage from critical chance, and the forth term exists only when there is an additional source of damage (ie. Pyre, Shadowmourne, etc.) Darwin is not a great DPS item, but it does have great utility in the form of sustain.

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@residente: The chart only takes into account the damage output from the item itself, not the damage it can potentially add.

Darwin's is far inferior to any most AA items if the holder never takes damage; and this listing reflects how much damage a few shots will do.


Though in response to this list, Sliptyde Scythe with 50 AGI and 50 bonus S.D. on each AA should score higher.

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@Rem, the rating system provides quantifiable data towards the amount of damage that is output from specific items. If you wanted to assign values to specific utility skills you could create a more coherent way of rating items rather than just 'this is better because it does such-and-such'. For example, you could take lifesteal and assign a value based on how much incoming damage it mitigates or life based on how much survivability it grants you. In terms of which utility skills would be the hardest to quantify, I'd say sight range, regen, cloaking, and movement speed would be the most difficult.


@Eliwan I did not include Sliptyde in the first analysis, but I did now. I only looked at items listed under weapon damage, weapon speed, and critical strike.

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except the rating system, ignores the datas sets which would actually make this viable, such as taking into account armor, spell resist, health diferences, item combos, bonuses to attack speed via agility, true dmg ignoring armor and agility, weapon speed cap ect ect


In other words its worthless because you did a less than half ass job of it. If your going to attempt to do something like this do it properly instead of wasting time with a half assed version that accomplishes nothing.

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It assumes a flat resistance of 30% for the defender, which is probably quite low. It assumes 2000 health for the defender, and in the case of pyre it takes the average amount of damage it would be dealing between full and no life. It takes into account attack speed bonuses from agility. It takes into true damage from critical strikes. It does not take into speed cap because we are comparing items against each other. Of course it would be silly to just arbitrarily select the highest 6 items, but this list gives you an idea which ones will output more when selecting.

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flat resistances of 30, lets see... a basic hero at lvl 1 with what 8 armor? has something like 30% physical resistance. It doesn't account for resistance in any meaningful way hence my point. Subsequently, it undervalues true dmg. Not taking into account the attack speed caps is flobbing retarded. assuming 2k health automatically undervalues pyre.


So basically the only point I overlooked, was that it does infact count agility for attack speed.


Utterly worthless and I for one am done wasting my time with this half assed shap

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Assuming 2k health only effects pyre and since health varies between tanks and carries and over the course of a game, 2000 hps seems fair. If I increase the flat resistances by 100% the percent difference change is only 15%. Again, this takes into account the change in attack speed but doesnt take into account attack speed caps being reached since it is not a common problem (ie. it takes 3 arcbounds to reach the cap). To say it another way, if you arbitrarily selected the top six items the rating would only be off by about 5 points. I'll be incorporating health into an updated version soon, if you have any suggestions that you feel would make this rating please let me know.

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The primary problem with your analysis, as I see it, is that it doesn't take into account how items synergize which makes it relatively useless. What you've proven is that if you could only have a single item for an entire game, the best choice would be HoM. No one buys just one item.


As soon as you start combining items, your whole formula gets thrown out of whack. An obvious example would be Khali blade and Lethal Barb - they both proc each other, substantially upping the damage/mineral ratio on both. Masamune's greatest damage asset - the massive timescale bonus - is totally ignored because it needs to be paired with attack speed items to realize its full potential. Any high +damage item (masamune, khali, GD, shard) are also going to see major damage boosts when paired with +crit items.


The result of this analysis doesn't shock me in the least. The two items that offer the poorest synergy (pyre and HoM) made the top of the list.


I would be far more interested in knowing which six item combination offered the best damage/mineral ratio, which five item combination offered the best damage/mineral ratio (one slot for utility item), which four item combination offered the best damage/mineral ratio (2 slots for utility) and which six item combination offered the highest damage output regardless of cost.

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Gestalt Philosophy: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. If (Item A) ranks at 30 points and (Item B) ranks at 35 points, the combination of the two could be as low as 65 points but it could be substantially greater, probably as high as 130 points. Furthermore, having more sustain means you can stay in the fight longer. That means more opportunity to deliver your DPS. You tried to simplify it, but the matter isn't nearly that simple. There are so many dimensions to the equation that you'd never be able to extract something that's simple enough to understand objectively but still complex enough to adequately explain the situation.

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