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Include Option for "old" interface? Required Eye-movement is significantly higher, and visual cues have been significantly reduced.


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Could you please include a clickable option to chose the old interface?


RATIONALE: The new interface is nice and sleek, and maximizes the terrain visuals, however buttons and visuals required during the game have gotten extremely small which leads to an in-game problem: The amount of eye-movement and focus has now significantly increased. Ability and Inventory buttons are now minuscule and are farther away from "the center of the screen" than they were before, resulting in more eye-travel to first find them, and increased eye-focus to click on them. The amount of "skill" to push buttons and obtain visual cues from the interface has significantly increased. I don't believe any AOS player would like to add this additional level of "difficulty" to the Ability and Inventory Management portion of the game.


For Example:

1. Required eye-travel is significantly larger, for Ability buttons, as they have been moved from the "center" of the screen, all the way to the bottom.

2. Required eye-coordination has significantly increased for Ability and Inventory button pushing, as the size of the buttons have decreased, in some cases to a size smaller than the actual Mouse Cursor. This is an ergonomic error, as the majority of the buttons you click on with your mouse on a computer are larger than the actual Mouse Cursor.


These cause increased difficulty in game:

1. Mini-map has always been on the left (how many years now?). Mini-map is used at least 50% of the time for movement/gank/teamwork purposes.

2. Abilities buttons are now smaller. How small? Smaller than the actual mouse cursor used to click them. Clicking on abilities to upgrade or add them now takes a significant amount of eye coordination to click and upgrade. In addition, upgrading your "STATS" now takes not one, but Two, clicks on very tiny icons. The original interface allowed for upgrading your abilities mid-battle, without much thinking as to where you need to click. Moreover, it is not clear from the icon that you have leveled up as only one corner of the icon, smaller than the mouse cursor, is illuminated, and a number, the size of the tip of your mouse cursor pops up.

3. The Inventory buttons are now smaller. These can present the same problems as the ability buttons, if you need to click on a specific item mid-fight.




Thank you for listening,




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I'm pretty sure they/Wrath have already said that it isn't possible for the map to "remember" both UI's and thus let you choose...the only reason we got a flip option is that it is more or less just a rotation of the current UI...


I mean, what you have suggested would be awesome, but I'm pretty sure it is not possible due to the restrictions of the editor itself.


It would seem that RNG has corrected me.


umm. Just forget this post lol =/

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