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An alternative to minimap movement? - Player camera


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With all the hate ragrding the minimap and the difficulty in tilting the terrain, I was wondering if the simplest fix to the situation isn't to just modify player camera angle?


The argument FOR minimap to the right bottom is that left bottom penalizes Protoss players in moving back. The Argument against is that people are used to it and its more "costly" to look at bottom right and use it.


My solution here would enable the minimap to be kept at the BOTTOM LEFT while addressing the balance concerns. Also easy to implement.


So I present you 2 alternate solutions using camera angles:


1. Tilt Protoss player camera angles by 45 degrees to left. Tilt Zerg Player camera angle by 135 degrees to right.

What this does is create a left to right map view as opposed to bottom left to top right view. It also makes moving back less obstructed by a bottom left minimap as the base is to your exact left for both Toss and Zerg.


2. Leave Protoss camera and tilt Zerg camera by 180 degrees.

What this does is keep the current view of bottom left to top right play but keeps BOTH (rather than toss only) team's bases at the bottom left due to the tilt. So teams are penalized equally and there is no difference.


Note that both both options, Zerg camera will be upside down from the current view in order to keep the game as fair as possible both for location of base, ambush spots and use of your side of the map (viewing of cliffs)



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Seems like a complicated and code heavy solution to what ought to be an easy-to-fix problem.


Your idea would work, but it seems to me the better solution you be to put the map back on the left, and move the items back to the center, expanding the stats size to make it clearer since the items are no longer near the portrait and bada-bing, bada-boom most people are happy again.


Or, you know, go back to the original UI...but I doubt they would do that. and the bigger playing field IS nice.

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The problem would be that unit movement on the minimap would then appear wonky. For example, let's say you're Zerg and you move what appears to you as downwards on your screen, the minimap would show you moving upwards, since it reflects the true direction you're moving in. This was what would happen when players used the -flip command in previous versions. If you thought the minimap on the right was disorienting, this would be much worse.

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