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Seriously people, seriously?


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Well this is directly towards the mods about the new U.I. Well what is the point of the forum to DISCUSS changes and reflect upon them. If the majority of the community doesnt like it, and even did a poll about it, and it seems like you dont care. The majority of the people on this forum are the hardcore aos players who want to actively discuss the game. So what is the point of having the point of this forum then?


Solution: Make an option to revert it back by saying -oldui or make it a little tab thing at beginning of game.


Sincerely, Legacy and the rest of us old U.I. lovers.


Edit: If it gets changed, i will make a hero with either 75 or 98 abilities

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[Hero: Nuker.Random]



Heroic Passive: Generates 4 random spells every 10 seconds from any hero in game. Each spell does 120% damage.


[skill 1: Q]

Generates a Q spell from any hero.


[skill 2: W]

Generates a W from any hero.


[skill 3: E]

Generates a E spell from any hero.


[skill 4: R]

Generates an ultimate from any hero.


There, done for you.

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You must note that people do not like change. If the mods just stuck to where ppl liked it. This game would not have been updated for a good year or longer. Nearly any change pisses some people off. Personally i don't like majority of the changes, but it is more likely the fact that EYE am not use to it and use to having it a different way. If i could put that aside, then i would assume that all the changes they made are pretty good.


Most ppl are like, WHY DID YOU CHANGE THAT?

(Month later, ZOMG I LOVE IT!, If they change that thing again, ZOMG WHY YOU CHANGE IT!)


Even on Mumble, you will notice that majority of people always auto-ban the newest heroes, because they are usually unknown and qualify as OP because people don't know how to counter said hero yet, and once it is well known better, it gets removed as an Auto-Ban :D


The UI, you don't like it because it is different. Naturally you won't. If a new player comes in and sees it, he won't criticize it, because he never seen the other one (or had to get use to it) and if said player saw and had to play on the old UI, i'd have a feeling he would massively dislike it.

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This happens every... single... time... something changes. Be it heroes or items or mechanics or the map layout or whatever. UI is just another in a long line of changes that people respond to in one of a few very predictable ways.


1) I don't like it on principle. I take one glance at the change and prejudge that it's bad. I don't want to try it, I want what I'm familiar with.


2) I tried it and it's hard to get used to. I've tried, honestly, to adapt to the change, but I had a bad feeling about it to start with and now I feel it's confirmed. I tried it and I don't like it.


3) It's easy enough to adapt to. Soon, I won't even remember the old version and if it went back, I'd have to learn that one all over again.


4) I love it. It's far better than it used to be.


Most from model 1 and some from model 2 may leave the game. Some will stick with it and eventually find they jumped the gun and will move to model 3. It has happened every single time. The game changes, we lose a few people, but more come to fill their place. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Man Up People.


Here's an easy "for dummies" guide to adapting to anything new or unfamiliar in the game. Very first thing you should do is load up a single player test map and check it out. Load up the new hero, grab the new items, and just play through with them. Don't even bother with the -money command if it's just a hero you're testing out. Buy items at a relatively natural progression and just take them out for a test drive. Then, sleep on it. Things are more firmly registered in your brain when you sleep on it, so test it out in the evening then go to sleep. Don't play a match against other people because then you'll firmly remember frustration. It takes 3 repetitions to establish a habit but about 7-10 times avoiding it to break the habit. For the UI, keep telling yourself out-loud "Bottom Right Corner" when you look at it. You'll get faster and faster at going right to it and you'll have fewer and fewer times of sitting there staring at your command card by mistake. Always play a test match as your last match before going to bed and practice the new hero, using a new interface, etc. Within about 3 days, BAM, you'll wonder how it ever gave you trouble in the first place.

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