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Upcoming tournaments: 16th April 2013


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Soo, The time has come to get this going! The will be a massive event occurring on the 16th of Apirl to welcome the world to HotS arcade, with the tournament from Starbattle, but to learn more about that go to OldEnts thread of:



What I need to do is:

Host a tournament on the 12-13th of April, (Name TBC)

Host a tournament before HotS is released (a pre-tournament) to get prepared for the main on in April, this will be held on the 22nd-23rd of Febuary, and will be a farewell tournament to WoL... BLESS ITS SOUL!!

A tutorial game that will be streamed by the Starbattle team, I will need 10 players who would be keen to go through a normal game, should starting positions, interface of the game, talents, items, abilities etc... the basics.


So what I need from players would be:

Who would be keen to join the tutorial game.

A few players who would be able to help assist in organizing a tournament with me. (mumble will be required)

Any tournament requirements the community would like to see in the upcoming tournaments.

Any prize ideas for the tournament? I will contribute to the 16th of April Tournament...

GL HF and see you online!


Assisting Members for Tutorial game (If your name is here, you need to have mumble and be certain you will avaliable on the date to do the tutorial, you will not need to relocalise as we will all be on the same global server)

  • Wrath
  • Frosti
  • Takeray
  • Psyght
  • Revolution


Tournament Assisting team (if your name is here please be avaliable on mumble on the the 19th of January anytime so we can discuss what needs to be done)

  • Yaldi
  • Marche

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So what I need from players would be:

Who would be keen to join the tutorial game.



This game will be nothing like actual Aeon of Storms. You will not swear. You will not complain about balance (wait..that really exists?). You will not abuse glitches. We will all pretend to be non-bm, fun loving mannered people whose discussion about any topic never ever goes off-topic and results in warnings, swearing and flaming. Trolling? No we never troll on Aeonofstorms.com it's just a co-incidence that Aeon of storms lobby is just another name for General chat and General chat is more like General chat 2. O yeah, we here at So..Aos LOVE user contribution. Hence the Suggestions section has so many threads, with almost a fifteenth number of replies than Aeon of Storms lobby. But hey atleast Competitive chat is full, it's all because of the frequent tournaments we have.



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Happy to see you back African. Just a quick note before my breakfast: April 16th is Tuesday but Swarm of Hearts event is scheduled on April 13th, Saturday. You have probably looked at Saturday of March 13th instead of April 13th, haven't you. :') Could you confirm?


On other news, I have 4 custom games picked ATM (including AoS and SB). All high quality and alive for long time. Still need suggestions for one or two more.

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First post has been editted!


@ OldEnt: thanks I have corrected the date.


@ Doom: Tournament information still needs to be planned, but I would assume it would be a similar format as the previous tournament, where all teams and single players are welcome to play, if you dont have a team you will be allocated a team on the day, mumble is required as you will need to contacted by the tournament team. Also the tournament will be most likely a best of 3 elimination, I'm trying to move away from the log system as it take too long.


@ Marche: can you be online on mumble the upcoming saturday so we can talk?


@ the guys who are concern about times, if the tournament is friday and saturday, the friday will start late for EU, to account for NA times. but the Saturday would most likely be resonable times for EU (eg afternoon into evening) and early for NA. I will also be adding rules about starting late for teams, as it tends to happen and that will be an forfeit.


@ TungVu, do you even lift?

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i have an spare account eu can use if they want to take part, on na

Global Play will be available for both Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm owners. As long as you own account which can benefit from Global Play (EU, NA, SEA...) you will be able to play without need to buy new license or install new client.

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