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Time to GTFO


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Cant believe i wasted a few minutes of my life to make an AOS account....


its time to get the flob outta here and quit AOS till Eks changes the User interface back to the old one


As stated by cheeky on other thread really makes sense how the new user interface is a mind flob.


Its time to start playing DOTA2 Now as hey its free and its got the old user interface which AOS copied from ages ago plus their heros as well...



its a bit of a conspiracy theory why make the changes.....


Me thinks Eks was smoking too much schrooms and doing lines while having a bong in the other hand that was headed into his gay buddy boyfriend Game developers arse....So once Eks started seeing faeries and talking to Elves....it got a bit outta hand.and he took their advice to move things around to mind flob us all


So the story goes Eks loads up his computer with his boy friend game developer who is also on a high with a bong up his arse... and starts taking instructions and commands from the Little Elves of Dim Forrest and thus ending up with the new user interface......


Another reason is AOS is trying to be different to other DOTA games... if AOS wanna be different then it needs to redo Drakes and Boros skills... as Drake and Boros is a total copy of Pudge and Juggernaunts from DOTA 2.....


So its time for me to get the flob outta here and go play DOTA 2 till new user interface comes back... i had a great time here pwning nubs and im sure once old user interface comes back ill be back once again to pwn all you nubs.... with me gone from AOS is now a safer place for nubs to play in Pubs



The End

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