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Timescale Question

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About the mysterious timescale, does it influence the cooldown of items with active abilities?


I heard it does.


But what about those with internal cooldowns (basically no actives)?

Does the electric mantle get its recharge a bit sooner than 12 seconds?

Does Ihan crystal make a stack in less than a minute?

Does the rate of Superheated mantle damage increase?

Parallax's debuff immunity?

You get the picture

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Next question, Does this include mules passive timescale? Personally I feel like Im stunned every other attack vs a mule with an emantle. I wanna know if its all in my head or it actually is that bad


Hehe, I abused this with Garamond in one of my earlier games. It works so well with him, and if you add a parallax too I think you get debuffed and cloaked every 6 seconds. It makes him super tanky and gives great escape for when enemies are chasing you which is funny as hell when your ultimate comes back in like 20 seconds.

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Yeap. This is made under the assumption that timescale stacking works the same as in 5.0 though. It'd still be pretty hard to get a significant boost since there aren't that many timescale sources to begin with. You'd probably get an extra 15% timescale tops?Edit: Ah wait, it's actually more significant than I thought.

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IIRC, SHC is 6%, Yamato/TPI is 25%, Haste is now 25%, Masa caps at 25%, Null aura gives 5%, and Shadow has +20% in Shadowwalk.


That nets to 1.06 * 1.25 * 1.25 * 1.25 * 1.05 * 1.20 = 2.61


So with that combo, you can net +161% Timescale... for 6 seconds. Then it starts dropping off as the buffs wear off.

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If I'm using the new timescale talent and I have Yamato, is it better to hit them both at the same time, "stacking" them? Or should I be using one and then the other when it wears off?


Because of the way they stack, it's usually better to use them in parallel. The bonus you get from them running simultaneously is greater than the mere sum of the bonuses. However, if just one is more than enough to take out your target, I'd hit the Yamato on its own since it has a much shorter CD and gives bonus spell damage to boot. that way, you save your Haste for an emergency instead of burning it when it isn't necessary.

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