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If BHM and Ocelot don't stack...


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Then why the hell do Valor's Manifest and Valor's Guise stack?




I don't know. ;3 Must be something the developers overlooked. And the occe and bhm was an isolated incident. From 5.0 - 6.0, the decided to update it as such. :3

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Incorrect, FruitNinja.


If you buy both a Valor's Guise and Valor's Manifest and kill a unit you get +4 Weapon Damage and +4 AGI; You'll get 10 stacks on each from 10 kills.

However, the Manifest still can get 10 more stacks.


If you buy two Manifests, you get 2/20 stacks per kill, two Guises and you get 2/10 stacks per kill.


They SHOULD stack like what FruitNinja said, but they don't.

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