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[BioTron.Tyrannitus - v1.69] The classic meat bag / strength ninja


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Since I couldn't find any guide on the classic strength build for Bio, I'll make one here !

I hope you guys will comment it and help me make it better, especially talent and item build, about which I'm really not sure.

(btw, pardon my english, I'm french you know...).


[First update : added Zeeeeend and CapricorN's item suggestions. Waiting for more ! Anything about talents ? What about endgame's perfect full item build ?]





Purpose : build up a strength/tank killer with ulti mid game (levels 6 to 18), then tank for carries late game, with many options available.


Talent build : Fitness (+180 hp), Discipline (+7% spell resist), Integrity (+8 armor), Prodigy (+12% cd reduction). The last two are less important. For me : Brilliance (+1.2 energy regen), Swiftness (+7% movement speed). I don't know if the spell damage talent applies to Bio's ulti since the damage is done by the minions.


Skill build : [E], [W], [Q], [E], [W], [R], [E], [E], [Q], [Q], [R], [W], [Q], [W], [T], [R], [T], [T].


Item build : :DuransBuckler::TeaExtract::KhalaStone::CoatofArms::ElectricMantle::IhanCrystal::OrganicCarapace:HiveSymbiosis.png + :OrganicCarapace: :OrganicCarapace: :OrganicCarapace: :D


Against carries : :ShrapnelCloak::BarbedPlating::SuperheatedMantle:Shadowmourne.png


Against casters : :SpellBuffer::MossbergTaser:


For some intel : :SunflareGun::YamatoReactor::NitrogenRetrofit:







For exact description : http://www.aeonofsto...tyrannitus-147/


[Passive] : Hive Master

BioTron randomly spawns minions around him. Good for map control, but it can be problem since opponent's team will know you're around here...


[Q] : Civilian Takedown

Your basic tool.

This spell has 3 uses : spawn more minions, repel enemy heroes far from you or your half dead teammates, and of course damage any enemy around.

Decent damage early/mid game, but requires intel to be really strong late game.


[W] : Cannibalize

Your sustaining tool.

Amazing spell which will make you immortal. Once maxed, you should always be full life / full mana, ready for a fight.


[E] : Aberrated Claymore

Your best tool. Allows you to spawn minions, do damage, and most importantly hide and jump in & out of fights.

On the offensive side : hide, wait for your spells to cool down, and jump in like a ninja. Shadow is an amateur compared to you.

On the defensive side : E to burrow, then E to get as far as possible from a bad situation. Learn the best places to fall back, and make a fool of your enemies by jumping at random places they wouldn't imagine. Darpa is an amateur compared to you.

Also relies on intel, so not that strong on a strength oriented BioTron.


[R] : Putrify

Your killing tool. Avoid fights when it is on cooldown, unless your teammates are engaged.

You have to spawn as many minions as possible for it to be effective, so make sure you master your spell order.




Skill order / How to use skills



Before level 6, you can't do much : not tanky enough, auto-attacks are a joke, spells are not yet deadly... So your main concern is to stay alive, guard your lane, get XP and last hits when possible.

For that reason, I start with sustain skill build : [E], [W], [Q], then [E] or [W] depending on whether you need more heal or not, [E] or [W], [R].


Then you become a killer. Once at lvl 6, go shop your first strength items, then build up your offense : [Q] and [E].

Mid game is the time you shine, killing whenever your ulti is ready, and never dying (remember you're a tanky ninja, you just can't be killed).


Your killing combo : First hide burrowed around enemy lines, waiting long enough for your [E] to cooldown (yes, it cools down while you're burrowed).

Then, whenever a prey shows up, appear out of nowhere with [E] on him, then hit him with [Q], launch ulti [R] on him. A horde of minions consumes the poor thing.

To finish, you have different possibilities. Your [E] should be ready if you waited underground long enough, so you can either jump out if you attacked in the middle of 3 enemy heroes under their tower (yes, you can), or give the finishing blow with an [E] on your prey if you feel like your ulti won't be enough or you want him to feel dispair.


Your sustain combo : Whenever you're not full life and full mana, [E] to unburrow followed by [W] at the same place.

When [W] is maxed, it should make you back to full health and mana.

I can't insist enough on how important it is for you be full anytime : being ready for a war at all times.


Jungle creeps : [E], [Q] on biggest creep, then [W] when all 3 are dead. Your [E] allows you to move quickly to jungle creep locations, so you're an ok jungler.


Late game (level 18 and onwards), your ulti is not a sure kill anymore. You become a big fat tank with the uncommon ability to jump in and out of fight. It allows you to save a dying comrade by jumping in with [E], repelling foes with [Q], and feel like a hero. Otherwise, you can move freely anywhere like any tank and laugh at enemy carries with your [W]. Hopefully.




Item build



You need 3 things : strength, hp & tank items, time scale & cd reduction.

For that purpose, the recommended build is not that bad.


1) Starting items


:DuransBuckler: Duran's Buckler : first item, obvious choice.


:Sustainer: Sustainer : alternative start, along with potions, if co-laning on sides (to help your teammate). [CapricorN's start]


2) At level 6


:TeaExtract: From lvl 6, you should always be drinking tea. So cheap, good strength and resist.


:MetabolicBooster: :MetabolicBooster: If you can't afford khala stone, get at least those. Build up into Khala later.


:KhalaStone: Khala Stone : good strength, energy regen helps before [W] is maxed, and since you're always burrowed under enemies you should max your strength bonus before you go for kill. Cheap.


:DominionStandard: Dominion Standard : more strength, and powers up your carries in team fights. Builds up into coat of arms.


:CoatofArms: Coat of Arms : improves the Dominion standard, and gives a nice cooldown reduction to spam your ulti.


CapricorN's suggestion : get both Dominion Standard and Coat of Arms. Big boost for your minions' attack speed.


:ElectricMantle: Electric Mantle : more strength, more cd reduction, and a lovely stun to discourage enemy carries to attack you.


Next item goes for intel, you may buy it mid game, depending on your feelings [zeeeend, CapricorN].


:IhanCrystal: Ihan Crystal : for both hp and intel to boost [Q] and [E]'s damage. I suggest selling it after 10 minutes because of its unique.


If you're the kind of player who never dies (too strong, or coward) :


OlympicTorch.png Olympic Torch : More tankiness and strength bonus if you manage to stay alive. Versatile item [CapricorN's]


3) Late game


From now on, you have to adapt to enemy team and build. If you're having a good time and a lot of money :


:OrganicCarapace: Organic Carapace, as many as you want. Crazy strength and hp.


HiveSymbiosis.png Hive Symbiosis : will make you immortal late game. Didn't notice but creep and minion hits will heal you too. Love that. A must [Thx CapricorN]


If you're having a hard time against enemy carries :


:ShrapnelCloak: Schrapnel Cloak : good resist, and such a nice active for team fights


:BarbedPlating: Barbed Plating : against high dps (damn shadow), return their damage against them.


:SuperheatedMantle: Superheated Mantle : same idea as barbed, with 4 mantles nobody wants to approach you !


Shadowmourne.png Shadow Mourne : make a shadow of the enemy carry [Capricorn's suggestion]


Against casters :


:SpellBuffer: Spell Buffer : classic anti-casters item...


:MossbergTaser: Mossberg Taser : the active is such a pain against you (remember you're a caster), use it against them.


GalacticDefender.png Galactic Defender : when you don't know what to do with your money late game, the active may prove useful.


Late game, you may switch to some intel for [Q] and [E] to hit harder, many options :


:YamatoReactor: Yamato Reactor : some strength, and high cd reduction with the active


:SunflareGun: Sunflare Gun : for its active damage.


:NitrogenRetrofit: Nitrogen Retrofit : more hp !


GravityEdge.png Gravity Edge : interesting option


For discussion about intel BioTron, go see the dedicated guide by Isthatguy !





BioTron's duties during game



Before level 6 : Bio is a good solo mid hero, since its minions help him guard his lane, and his [E] makes him ungankable. You're one of those heroes who need fast XP to reach your level 6 asap. On side lanes, you're unfortunately almost useless to your teammate.


Mid game (levels 6 to 18) : you're everywhere, killing any enemy you meet, ganking, life saver in team fights, tower hunter, and you can't be killed. Shine. Your only problem is that you're a slow fat shap, so can't really be everywhere.


Late game (level 18 and onwards) : you're the team's tank, your job is to babysit your carries and supports. You can also be an excellent lane pusher and tower hunter with your army of minions. Very late game, if you don't know how to spend your money, you can switch for intel to be a burst damage caster (see dedicated guide).




BioTron's victim pick



You'll learn quickly that unfortunately your ulti doesn't instant kill all heroes. Who you must avoid to target :

- Those who can escape your minions : cloaked ones, darpa, any flash out hero type (BioTron for instance !), ...

- Those who can instant kill your minions : shadow's shade & vortex, grunty's repelling gun, ...

- Those who tank like hell. C'mon, they're tanks, that's their job.

- Mandrake : he tanks, he has the perfect ulti to counter yours, well...


All things considered, your ulti is still useful against anyone : it always brings terror deep in their mind (we all experienced a BioTron ulti from which we couldn't escape, painful), it distracts the enemy team who will focus on cancelling your ulti, it consumes the opponent' spells to counter yours, and it's a good disengage tool saying "eh, you really wanna chase me with all those little guys behind your ass ?" while slowing down the attacker.




Discussion about intel build



I feel that BioTron is such a deadly weapon midgame with his minions that I can't see any other option than going for strength and hp at start.

But from my short experience I could see his limits against highly built carries at very late game. At this stage, it could be interesting (and completely mind confusing for opponents) to switch to full intel build for high burst damage, taking down the main carry before he can wipe your team. Then you may die and rest in peace.




Hope this guide will lead to discussion : I made it seeking for improvement !

I'll update the guide according to mindful comments :D

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ok for ihan crystal, if you get it should be bought early in game then sold at endgame (for the bonus int and hp which remain after selling, so fun), but it delays your strength build... Does the additionnal int spell damage make up for the loss of strength of your minions when you launch your ulti, I wonder. I'll try it and give feedback. I'll add it to the build when I figure.

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Not bad guide. I have some suggestions:

you can have both dominion standard and CoA. It ups your minions AS a lot(= more damage)+ it ups AS for creeps(more pushing power) and help your whole team with nice AS(your carries could be on AS cap in midgame).

You suggest galactic defender? Why? Just buy 1 more organic for permanent 1150HP(if i not mistaken).

For late game items, i suggest buying hive symbiosis. It is amazing item on bio. You get 50 agi(7 armor as i can recall) and fantastic unique - 10% leech of nearby allies. So you are unkillble when late game so many creeps + your minions doing physical damage.

If i have problems with carries, i also usually buy shadowmourne.

Don't forget to buy ihan mid game(NOT early game as your first item). Olympic torch is also very good for bio, because bio rarely die.

For starting item you must get sustainer(+ Hp/Mana potion). It support your lane partner and also heal creeps = help in pushing.

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