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KalTorak's First Post!


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Sup? Most of you already know me. For those who dont....


Favorite Heroes - STR; Cain, Brine, Tychus. AGI; Boros, Rancor. INT; Garamond, Jakk, Cyprus, Raynor.

Favorite Item - Soul Engine/Mana Pots

Favorite Food - Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

Sports i play - AOS. Lmao

Pet Peeve - Trolls in pubs, feeders, ragers.


I can be cool, i can be an handful, its just how i am. Those who know me, know that.


Feel like playing? Im usually with my buds, but if im not, send me a msg, im always in Aeon of Storms channel in N.A. Random hours of the day.

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