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Character sayings:


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so iv never used the sc2 map editor or w.e and i dunno how ppl make custom games n do all that stuff. One thing i have realized is that obvs heros say certain things when commanded actions. in the custom game battle star i think its called. Does one of the ships, i think a viod-ray. say gravitaional lensing? LMAO if so that halarious, n i could have sworn iv heard the marr char say that in earlier patches...or im just wrong lol. can one simply make them say what they want? or are there certian phrases?

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- I am gonna kill you stupid cain with barbed even if it is the last thing I do...


i have a PHEELING you played a GAIM where u were cain and a boros KILT you and you assume its bc he had barbed, But hey. Nothing KONKRETE here its all just speculation.



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