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sight range items


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hello everyone


i've been wondering ever since Maar's despair got nerfed and Eye of Duran got a sight range buff if we could add another catagory that has sight range items?

more items that have sight range effects can effect the gameplay and give alot of uses to items like wards, scanners and even underused items like Eye of Duran in both pubs and inh


so i suggest the following item:


amulet of blindness


cost: 2500



+ 20 Intelligence

+ 200 energy

+ 0.5 energy regen


[unique] Every enemy in a range of 12 will have his sight range reduce by 3


what do you think? should sight range items be a part of the game?

please add feeback and thank you for reading

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You know what I want to see?


An item built to have inherent smoke grenades.




Smoke Container


cost : 2000


+9% Weapon Speed


Active: Throws a smoke grenade at target location, making everything inside unable to be seen for 7 seconds. 20 second cooldown.

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Reducing enemy sight radius with aura is an un-fun mechanic and as a result is something I would recommend avoiding.


On the other hand sight-boosting items or items that reduce enemy sight as you attack them sound cool. :D


i like this idea

the point of recuding sight and boosting it is to increase the skill for skill shots or make them a littel eazier, an example can be for maar's heat wave plus, it's range is huge and therefore items that increase sight range will make it eazier to hit moving targets, another one can be for boro's bola which has a max of 11 range(if you don't move) so sight recudtion will make it harder for him to hit targets with bola, sight can also affect how eazy or hard ganks can be because the less sight people have less time they will have to react to the gank

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