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Turbo Brine (Pulling support) - need to be update.


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Fine. Brine (Turbo Mode- Starallys style)


(Tks to Public for the info below)


Strength 36 + 7 Agility 28 + 5 Intelligence 26 + 3 Base Health: 250 Movement Speed: 2.75 Base Weapon Speed: 2 Attack Range: 1.25 Base Armor: 2 Base Attack: 30



Primary Role: ****

Secondary Roles: ****


Summary: (Summary of hero in a setting and difficulty)





Passive Icon Acid Strike Ability Type: Heroic Active Damage Type: Spell | Burst Hotkey, Cooldown: Q, 10

Deal 35 + 8 * Lvl + [10% of the target's Maximum Health] Spell Damage to target enemy. The target loses 20% Movement Speed for 2 seconds. Deals double damage against non-heroic units.


Spell Image Adaptive Carapace Ability Type: Passive Damage Type: Physical + Spell Resistance Hotkey: N/A


Each time Brine uses an ability, he gains Spell and Physical Resist for 4 seconds.


Level 1: +12% Spell and Physical Resist.

Level 2: +15% Spell and Physical Resist.

Level 3: +18% Spell and Physical Resist.

Level 4: +21% Spell and Physical Resist.


Spell Image Adrenaline Rush Ability Type: Self Damage Type: Heal | Over Time Hotkey: W


Brine gains +18% Movement Speed and regenerates Health over 10 seconds.


Level 1: Regenerates 90 [+150% INT] Health.

Level 2: Regenerates 160 [+150% INT] Health.

Level 3: Regenerates 230 [+150% INT] Health.

Level 4: Regenerates 300 [+150% INT] Health.


Spell Image Impale Ability Type: Target Unit Damage Type: Spell | "Over Time" Hotkey: E

Brine attaches himself to target enemy, Stunning it and dragging it around for 2.5 seconds. While the target is being dragged [and not stationary] the target takes Spell Damage per second.


Level 1: Deals 60 [+60%INT] Spell Damage per second.

Level 2: Deals 100 [+60%INT] Spell Damage per second.

Level 3: Deals 140 [+60%INT] Spell Damage per second.

Level 4: Deals 180 [+60%INT] Spell Damage per second.


Spell Image Nether Assassin Ability Type: Self Damage Type: Spell | Burst Hotkey: R


Brine Burrows underground for up to 15 seconds. Attacking out of Burrow state will deal an additional Spell Damage.


Level 1: Deals 300 [+100% INT] Spell Damage.

Level 2: Deals 400 [+100% INT] Spell Damage.

Level 3: Deals 500 [+100% INT] Spell Damage.

As u see the brine skills stats might be wrong as i don't have the updated list.


However, the only reason I name it TURBO is due to my build:

1st 3 item





Last three item





My talent are

Fitness: +180 Hp

Armor Stuff: + 8 Armor (Cant remember the name)

zeal: Health stay at 70%, get 18% movement speed


Prodigy: +12% Cooldown Reduction

mana : +230 mana (Cant remember the name)

Swiftness: +7 movement speed


Sorry for my bad research, LOL! anyway, for the skill i always get


e q e w e r e q q w r q w w y r y y



So basically, you will get at least 4 movement speed (i think) with W and even without that, you have at least 2.8-3.0. The idea is beautiful, I always play support

and need a carry hero with me to feed him. whenever you do, just D then E then continue to run like mad. Keep doing that to give a chance of your partner to kill it.


When you got your ulti, I've seen a lot peeps will hit and pull... that is not cool, you know what's cool? press R, then E on enemy, after pull hit it and doing it with D. For an agi or int hero, it should be almost ded. If he still alive, press W and rush to him and E again with D.


You might say that in late game it might be useless for a brine like this but the fact is... no one dare to enter your base even you have 2 leaver because of your speed. I've try this mode for some times and I even can tower drive by W and rush in and pull it out.


Bad things:

1. Lack of teamwork or there is more audience than going for a kill will eventually... let you useless.

2. Most hatred hero to this build: Raynor, Unix,Rancor(The least) Hero with silent and stun will get you ded.

3. Must do a lot of APM on this build as you need to be ready.

4. Need to know who to aim, I've killed a balrog but then forgotten a darpa. That's bad taste, real bad.


So, pls be nice to me as this is my first post on guides, just wanted to see if anyone could give me some advises to improve this.

Well, if you don't have any constructive ideas... go post your own post. LOL!


Tks peeps, see you in NA.


Happy New Year:

Alice Siew Out:!

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Just saying, this is in the wrong area. This should go into the Character Guide Section. The Character Database is just listing hero's name so people who join can see the abilities of the hero. When you list the items you should get and other things, that's when you should transfer it to Character Guides, as you are suggestion a build and a way to play. Tsktsktsk.



-edit- Thanks Quistmann for putting in correct section :D

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I'd get Ihan Crystal -> Phantom -> Impact -> Arcbound Ravager -> Arcbound Ravager -> Gravity Edge -> Argus Crystal (sell ihan)


With Zeal and Swiftness, you get about 26% + 20% + 6% + 13% + 7% + 25% on toggle + a 5 unit push = winpale with plenty of damage from argus/gravity and then easy gank,

Just gotta stay on top of your HP.

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I'd get Ihan Crystal -> Phantom -> Impact -> Arcbound Ravager -> Arcbound Ravager -> Gravity Edge -> Argus Crystal (sell ihan)


With Zeal and Swiftness, you get about 26% + 20% + 6% + 13% + 7% + 25% on toggle + a 5 unit push = winpale with plenty of damage from argus/gravity and then easy gank,

Just gotta stay on top of your HP.


Hrmm double arc ya... going to try that see how it goes. :D

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just simply using impact dial and warp shard much better :) oo thanks stars, appreciate it :D


this...don´t get me wrong....I´m all for turbo brine idea and stuff, and original builds for every class but dial + collider is soooo boss on brine....and they recharge decently fast that you can use them both while moving as if it were speed...just warp with collider and the mini stun gives you time to tentacle, face opposite way and dial yourself....BANG! gank initiated...


for moving, additional to both actives, each item gives minor speed passive buff(timescale does make you faster, regen faster, etc)


This leaves space for 4 items that now are not restricted by the "want them to give speed stat" since you have all the speed you need...this allows you to get tanky and survive every single initiation you make, or even get some intel items if you wanna be ganking lone characters for spell damage basically.....or anywhere in between(for ex gravity, argus, foe, carapace) , etc


get dial first cause its cheaper and sustains your spell casting and movement, then probably the hp part of colider so you dont get killed so fast(you can still initiate this early by using ulti burrow to close the distance unseen), and finally get shard to later collider for the stun and stuff. At least its what worked best for me though im not pro at brine by any standards....just that getting this 2 items followed by ihan ive gotten sometimes 10-2 as average in pubs at least...if premade less kd ratio but more focus on initiator tanky role so i never die


TLDR: get dial, then small hadron collider then items you NEED but not limited by the "i need speed" factor cause you already have the speed in the form of active abilities

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