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[Hero] Pre.Assembler


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- Began creation ^-^


Name: Pre.Assembler

Portrait: Viper (HotS SCII Zerg Unit)

Unit Base: Viper

Type: INT

Script: Assembler is a special Hero who massively supports his team. He is a rare hero to been seen in Aeon of Storms, although if you do see him, he is most likely with a team (Pre-made). His abilities are outstanding in supporting his team and can go extremely well with combos. He completely aweful at both damage in both AA and Casting wise. He can't support as a tank very well either, and his abilities are nearly useless without allies near him, which is why he is primarily seen with Pre-Made Groups an In Housers. (Lol Troll Hero).




Starting Stats:

Base Health – 250

Movement Speed – 2.7

Attack Range – 1.25

Attack Speed – 2

Base Damage – 40

Attack Name | Animation - Viper Claws

Base Armor 1

Strength – 21 + [5]

Agility – 16 + [4]

Intelligence – 29 + [7]




Heroic Passive: Consuming Energy

"Whenever Assembler kills a non-heroic unit, he restores Health and Energy Back equal to 10% the target's Hp. In addition, If Assembler kills or gains an Assist on a Heroic unit, he will restore 10% his Max Hp and Energy and his allies that also gained the assist or said kill on that Same Hero will restore 10% their Max Hp and Energy as well."


Effect: Basicly means that is Assembler gets the assist (or kill), his allies that also got the assist or the kill will also be healed as well. Very good in team battles, especially if you can get a team wipe, as it will heal your team, and allow you to go straight for push instead of forcing yourself to heal if your to low Health.




Ability One: Filth Cloud

"Assembler causes a swarm of dust and filth in an area to whirl around in an AoE 3-unit Radius, causing all enemies in it to take spell damage per second, lose Sight, and also lose movement speed and attack speed. These debuffs will continue for 3 additional seconds after the enemy has left the swarm of dust. The Swarm of dust itself lasts 6 seconds. Deals 50% more damage to Non-heroics. Debuff does not stack but refreshes."

Energy Cost: 70//80//90//100

Cooldown: 20//18//16//14

Range: 10


Level 1: Deals 10[+10%INT] per second. Reduces Sight by 1.5 and also lowers Attack Speed and Movement Speed by 20%

Level 2: Deals 20[+10%INT] per second. Reduces Sight by 2.0 and also lowers Attack Speed and Movement Speed by 25%

Level 3: Deals 30[+10%INT] per second. Reduces Sight by 2.5 and also lowers Attack Speed and Movement Speed by 30%

Level 4: Deals 40[+10%INT] per second. Reduces Sight by 3.0 and also lowers Attack Speed and Movement Speed by 35%


Effect: Good support, for confusing enemies, and slowing. The Filth cloud when used will take 1 second to form before applying debuffs to enemies. This ability also helps Assembler creep slightly better by the fact he lacks the abilities to kill them. This ability would also good well with Chilling artifact if you wanted to really reduce attack speed in an area.




Ability Two: Contamination Effect [Passive]

"Enemy Heroics that attack Assembler or allies in a 4-unit Radius from Assembler will lose Weapon Damage and Spell Damage, stacking up to 5 times and refreshing every time they attack Assembler for 3 seconds. When the enemy does attack Assembler, not only do they recieve this debuff, but they also give it to all his allies that are within a 5-unit Radius of himself."

Energy Cost: None

Cooldown: None

Range: None


Level 1: Each stack lowers Weapon and spell Damage by 4%

Level 2: Each stack lowers Weapon and spell Damage by 5%

Level 3: Each stack lowers Weapon and spell Damage by 6%

Level 4: Each stack lowers Weapon and spell Damage by 7%


Effect: Debuffs for enemies that attack Assembler. If he is targeted, enemies get a debuff. Also helps allies near Assembler. Spell Attacks don't counter, only AA :D




Ability Three: Venomous Armor

"Assembler applies a coat of poison on an ally, causing the next enemy to attack the target will remove the Venomous Armor buff and be stunned for a long duration. Lasts 5 seconds. In addition, the Venomous Armor grants Physical and Spell Resistance and Cooldown Reduction. It also removes all debuffs when applied on the target too. 1 Second Channel."

Energy Cost: 90//110//130//150

Cooldown: 40//35//30//25

Range: 5//6//7//8


Level 1: Gives +20% Physical and Spell Resistance and +20% Cooldown Reduction. Stun lasts 1.0 seconds.

Level 2: Gives +30% Physical and Spell Resistance and +30% Cooldown Reduction. Stun lasts 1.5 seconds.

Level 3: Gives +40% Physical and Spell Resistance and +40% Cooldown Reduction. Stun lasts 2.0 seconds.

Level 4: Gives +50% Physical and Spell Resistance and +50% Cooldown Reduction. Stun lasts 2.5 seconds.


Effect: This is both good vs Physical and Spell Casters. Casters will have a hard time damaging the target. In addition, physical attacks may remove the buff, but will cause the DPS hero itself, to be stunned for a duration. This ability is heavily countered by an AA hero with debuff immunity though. Also can help a caster use abilities more often in tight situations.




Ultimate Ability: Neural Abduction

"Assembler shoots out a Tentacle from its mouth into the target's head for a short duration. During this duration, Assembler is able to Control the hero as long as it is within 10-units of him. The enemy is unable to control their hero for the duration of Neural Abduction but the controlled hero can not be attacked and will be unable to attack or use any abilities. The Controlled hero will also have a fixed movement speed, regardless if it is slowed or has a higher movement speed. Assembler is channeling the Neural abduction, making it so any interruptions will cause the controlled hero to be free. The Hero being controlled will lose all allied vision and have their vision reduced to 0 until it ends."

Energy Cost: 125//200//275

Cooldown: 60//50//40

Range: 6//7//8


Level 1: Target can be controlled up to 3.00 seconds. Has a Flat movement speed of 4.5

Level 2: Target can be controlled up to 3.25 seconds. Has a Flat movement speed of 5.0

Level 3: Target can be controlled up to 3.50 seconds. Has a Flat movement speed of 5.5


Effect: This can be a very powerful pull. In addition, it can be help used to set up an attack on a hero, or just temporarily remove him from a team battle. While the target is being controlled, he can't attack or use any ability to prevent Assembler from making enemy use his final, energy or attack his allies, ect. While the pull lasts over a fairly long duration, the controlled hero in invulnerable, so he can't be cheap shot until after neural abduction is over. The fact he loses all vision during Neural abduction will have to make the enemy have fast reactions to deal with the new locations of allies or enemies.




Additional Information


Recommended Item Build: SUPPORT ITEMS. Your hero is basicly useless with any other items, as you won't really be getting kills and you don't exactly scale with INT. Primarily, getting Team Aura items are good. Like:


:ShrapnelCloak: Duh... Very good for support. Even better after Neural Abduction so enemy can't attack.

:CoatofArms: CDR Aura. Decent Hp and more Armor. Also Team attack speed.

:SpellBuffer: Spell Resist Aura.

:KorhalVanguard: Both Spell Resist and Physical Resist Aura.

:MossbergTaser: Silence after Neural Abduction. No way to escape then.

:ExecutionersAxe: (Stop Healing) OR SilverSoul.png (Team Movement Speed) OR :NitrogenRetrofit: (HP and Slow).







Closing statement

Thanks for reading. CURSE U PRE-MADES! YOU BE CHEATING BY... IDK... SCREW YOU! (Like I care if you are pre-made, doesn't stop the amount of kills I'm going to rack up :D)

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