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[HERO] Mech.Airik New Caster/Support!


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Name: Mech.Airik

Portrait: Raven

Unit Base: Raven

Type: Caster[Hard]

Main Stat: Intelligence


Airik has been studying engineering for years, and while he had excellent inventions, the Dominion never found use for him. Thus, Airik has made himself available as a mercenary. Willing to aid anyone who calls him their ally, Airik has conducted enough research to be a weapons specialist and regenerative supporter simultaneously. His favorite saying is, “The best defense, is a good offense.”

Starting Stats:

Strength: 20+6

Agility: 18+5

Intelligence: 24+7

Health – 295

Movement Speed – 3.0

Attack Range – 5.5

Attack Speed – 2.0

Damage – 45




Heroic Passive: Weapons ready


When Airik last hits or denies a unit, he constructs an auto-turret within one unit of his location over 2 seconds. Auto turrets generate a 5 unit field that boosts allied weapon speed and cooldown reduction by 5%. Additionally they deal damage equal to 12+1*LVL, attack once per second, have a range of 7, and have 200+10*LVL Health. Airik can have up to 4 auto-turrets at a time and they can only last for 10 seconds if not within 10 units of Airik.


This encourages denying while also giving Airik a decent lane pushing ability. This is useful during the laning phase, while pushing, or while defending. The boosts stack up to 20% when 4 turrets are up. Turrets can last forever if Airik stays near them.


Debilitating Power


Cost: 55/65/75/85

Cooldown: 20/18/16/14;

Range: 6


Airik fires a robotic predator towards a target location, latching on to the first enemy it hits. If it hits a non-heroic, non-massive unit the predator kills it after 3 seconds. If it hits an enemy hero or massive unit the enemy takes 15% increased damage from all sources and loses 10% timescale. Allies that attack the enemy hero gain shields for 4 seconds and further reduce its timescale by an additional 5% per attack. Effect lasts for 5 seconds. Shields stack.


Level 1: Up to -15% timescale, 20(+20% INT) shield per attack up to 200 shield

Level 2: Up to -20% timescale, 40(+20% INT) shield per attack up to 400 shield

Level 3: Up to -25% timescale, 60(+20% INT) shield per attack up to 600 shield

Level 4: Up to -30% timescale, 80(+20% INT) shield per attack up to 800 shield


This is a skill shot, and when you hit it, it can be quite beneficial. It is useful during a gank, because you make the enemy take longer to get away by reducing their timescale (movement speed reduction, weapon speed reduction, cooldown increase, casting time increase, longer debuffs). You can also use this on a Drake or Jackson to make it take longer to cast their ultimate. Additionally, allies gain shields on every attack. You can consider this similar to giving them life steal.




Cost: 65/80/95/110

Cooldown: 20; 2 charges

Range: 10


Airik sends an offense or defense drone to a target ally. Both types of drones give allies the ability to see through brush and over cliffs because they are invulnerable air units. Offensive drones increase the allies timescale, make their auto attacks deal +15% additional true damage, and cause their next attack to silence the enemy for 2 seconds. Defense drones give allies spell resist, health regeneration, and damage enemies that attack them over 4 seconds. Damage stacks. Drones last 8 seconds before losing power and only 1 drone can be active on an ally at a time. ‘V’ toggles between defense and offense drones. If Airik casts this on himself, the effects are reduced by 40%.


Level 1: +12% Timescale / +8% spell resist, +20 health regen, 40 spell damage

Level 2: +16% Timescale / +16% spell resist, +40 health regen, 70 spell damage

Level 3: +20% Timescale / +24% spell resist, +60 health regen, 100 spell damage

Level 4: +24% Timescale / +32% spell resist, +80 health regen, 130 spell damage


You may use the offensive drone on a carry to make them do their job more efficiently, or you may use the defensive drone on them so they can survive longer – whatever suits your fancy.


Mine Seeker


Cost: 90/100/110/120

Cooldown: 18/17/16/15

Range: Self

Airik targets an area, sending a visible shockwave towards it. Once the wave reaches the position, a mine from underneath it is unearthed, knocking up enemies for .5 seconds and damaging them, then stunning them when they hit the ground. Nearby tracking mines gain temporary power from this explosion and track all enemy heroes not hit already within 2.5 units. They have a movement speed of 5 and blow up with the same effects as the original mine once they reach the target or after 5 seconds, whichever one comes first. Mines explosion radius is 1.5


Level 1: 120(+70% INT) damage, .75 second stun.

Level 2: 180(+70% INT) damage, 1 second stun.

Level 3: 240(+70% INT) damage, 1.25 second stun.

Level 4: 300(+70% INT) damage, 1.5 second stun.


This is a skill shot that is a very effective stun. If enemies clump up, they will enjoy a nice knock up and stun together. However if they split a bit they may still be in range of the seeker mines to stun them later. It is possible for someone to be stunned by the original mine and then get stunned again by a seeker mine if they so desire, or if you properly arrange the situation.


System’s bound


Cost: 150/200/250

Cooldown: 45

Range: 10

Airik uses newfound technology to imprison a target hero. While in the barrier the hero cannot attack or be attacked. If cast on an ally, after the barrier decays the hero gains massive damage resist for 3 seconds. If cast on an enemy, after the barrier decays the enemy is silenced and has their weapon disabled for 5 seconds.


Level 1: Barrier lasts for 2.5 seconds, +50% damage resist

Level 2: Barrier lasts for 3 seconds, +60% damage resist

Level 3: Barrier lasts for 3.5 seconds, +70% damage resist


This is basically a lockbox that has added effects after the binding. As of when to use it, I will let you decide.


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Debilitating Power you need to read this ability and think about it. say 2 attacks a second that's 160+ shields a second. cast that on an enemy tank and everyone can focus them down and ignore the other enemies. I would drop the shields down to 10/15/20/25+5%int per attack.

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