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Item Art Effects


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Basically, I'd like to suggest some changes or additions of art effects for certain items.


First up we have electric mantle. I feel that an art effect should be added to it's active, since you know, it'd be good if there were some indicator that tells you that the next hit you land on the person is going to mess you up badly.


Next would be Yamato Reactor. It's art effect locks exactly like Protect, which may sometimes lead to confusion. It's not a big deal, but maybe the tinge of the effect could be changed at least to a different color, like purple or green.


And finally, Mossberg Taser. Although it does have a tiny blue spinny thingy above a target's head, it's actually fairly unnoticeable during a fight. I suggest that a more obvious art effect be added or maybe a sound effect, Because DotA's "MMMMMMPHHH" when you get silenced is quite a good indicator.


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