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game modes


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How about creating some game modes for AoS.


Examples would be


AR - All Random - players are forced to random a hero. Problem would be setting the talents after the random but not sure how to work that out.

AM- All Middle - Increase the side lane tower damage and hp to 500% so that no one will push those lanes and remove neutral creeps from game.

SC- Super Creeps - Super creeps will randomly spawn in a lane wrecking havoc on foes. If the creeps are dealt with they will push into your tier 3 towers. Once tier 3 tower is

dead super creeps will no longer spawn in that lane.

ID- Item Drop - When hero dies, the hero will drop a random item.

MM- Mirror Match - Each team will have the same heroes on both sides.

CM - Captains will ban 3 heroes and pick heroes for the team.

DM-Draft Mode - Each team will take turns picking a hero. 1-2-2-2-1.

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Hero fight - no creeps, or towers, start the game with max lvl and money, first team to 50/100 kills wins


Yes! I think this was discussed alittle in another thread, anyway I love this idea! A new map where certain places are more strategic to hold similar to a king of the hill kinda map... Or any ideas for the map design?

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Skills Arena - Where you spawn in a small arena, and try to push enemies off the side (100 Hp to everyone, and take 10 damage per sec you are not within area all skills do no damage)


Of course you would have to change some effects. (Spell Storm prevents pushing, and anyone in melee range of you will bounce off of you 4 units :P) (ChronoSphere - Enemies in it will slide and will not be able to turn, in addition they will be silenced and your hero will gain +100% timescale in it) (Grunty's Shotgun, push enemy 4 units, Oh wait).

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Maybe SOTIS map v.60, the one on the space station? Just get rid of creeps, towers, and talents. Keep Daggoth, Aeon, and neutral camps!


Skills Arena is a good idea, lets just keep current abilities though and make it really interesting lol Micro would rape at this mode though lol


Would be pretty awesome to have some AOS modes though!

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