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Cleansing waters


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This isnt a rant on how the cleansing waters are op. :P


Instead, I'm curious to know whether or not the cleansing waters remove debuffs.


I feel that it should if it doesn't, as DoT effects like Molotov can kill you even if you made it. Another example would be caustic salve or anything that can deal large amounts of damage over time.

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the killing in the pool thing and also micro being able to tele into the pool and out are not intended by EKO iv heard him say before in mumble he is intending to change the pool and the pool towers i.e the cannons in the back. but for the current time he has other issue and such he wants to work out . EKO is a full time student going for a doctorate i think.



I know before the pool revamp when he has time he wants to implement a new neutral method . i.e the neutral camps drop a random item that is unique to the neutrals " you cant buy these items" and they expire after a time, all the hero neutrals will drop them the thor tanks fire bat , then Levi and Aeon will drop a higher tier unique item that will expire. i think levi will still give a buff, this is why he got rid of the buff neutrals gave when you killed them,



just be patient, the game mechanics are getting closer to the end game of what eko has envisioned but were still far from that point expect many more changes

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