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-spamboss This will check if lev and/or aeon or alive and will respam the dead one

-test heroic This will create a obelisk with hero atribute, killing it will give a stack for valours gene and torch, and will be targetable by sfg, will deactivate Phantom menace.


I really would like to see these 2 functions added.

Because now its hard to test build with stacks since you can't recreate them in testmode.

And killing a boss now forces you to wait more time in testmode till it spams

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I would like to see:


-spam hero [insert name of the hero]: so instead of 3 obelisks, a hero will appear, without items, and it could be nice to be able to control it, lvl it up, buy items etc.

-wtf: this command would make spells and items cost 0 mana and have 0 sec cd.


Just to test items and spells properly

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