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Click this for me please...


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Someone get this kid a job or give him a sign... why lie i need riot points!


Edit: Darkpally in 10 years http://imageshack.us...6/28620762.png/


Don't promote this unhealthy lifestyle!


Edit 2: It's a gimmick, only people desperate for RP attempt to do this stuff. Just steal your parents credit card like every other 13 year old boy and get beat when the credit card bill arrives

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made my day


but dude, your photoshop skills sucks!


Photoshop is too much work... I got paint! Also, the retarded text crop makes it look funnier i think.


These new mods are very nice people. I see that they did'nt even lock the post for spamming and promoting some type of nonsense like they do with those commercial spammers.

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