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Hero Polls!


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So i know there is a reason people suggest heroes, they want to have them in the game. So you could split all the heroes into 10 groups, and then once there, they will have 10 new topics, each with a different poll. The winner from each group of 10 goes into another contest. Then it will be the top 5 from the group that go into the game. It could make things interesting or its very stupid. What do you hero creators think?

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What that guy said :) i make suggestions because i find joy in making something and theory crafting how it would fit in the game. And while it is true that ecko will never copy-paste a hero suggestion from the forums into the game he does look at them and they help him brainstorm for new heros and he takes concepts from them.


@hero competitions

-Any one can start one (the most recent two where by gyro and JustSAfrician) though tbh i woulnt ever do it because it takes a lot of work/time to organize and i just dont have the time.

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