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Most b#$chy team comp to go against?


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Just curious what the hardest team comp you've ever faced was?


For me it was against Micro + Brine + Lord Z + Unix + MK


Micro would toss you into a brine tentacle which would drag you into a Lord Z ring trapping you where you were a sitting duck for Unix and MK


Early on MK and Unix pushed stupid well together while the Brine + Micro + Lord Z trolled our team with combo long range tower pulls. In the later game Micro had SHC so you would literally have 5-10 seconds of not being able to do anything while you were stunned and tossed, then stunned and dragged by brine and then fungaled and tasered by Unix and ringed by Lord Z.

And the entire time you had MK + Unix minions laying into you, and unix ulting you (after you landed of course).

Most of the time you died before you could activate any abilities whatsoever, and when you didn't you were still stuck in LZs ring while unix was ulting you and both MK and Unix minions + Lord Z were laying into you

(this was before the recent nerfs to micro, so he could still toss you 14 units back, far out of range for any help from your team)


It was the only game I have ever played where I felt like there was no way to fight back and win no matter what we did. All the harassment and pushing early on put us on the defensive pretty quick and In the later game Unix and MK minions would push with the creep wave, and micro would warp in to pull whoever came to defend the tower. So If we silenced and focused down the micro, MK and Unix minions would take the tower while we were doing it. If we didnt focus him down and instead worried about the minions, our team got dragged off to death 1 by 1 with that b.i.t.c.h.y combo, putting us further behind.


Once micro got SHC there really wasn't anything we could do to stop him from tossing us to our doom. We had tasers but they didnt really help because he wouldnt go in with the wave, he would wait just behind it for someone to come attack the minions and jump em with SHC (which is ridiculously hard to counter because someone else has to silence or stun him in that split second between when he warps in and when he throws you if they want to save you)


Occasionally brine would push instead with the minions, and would try to drag you out so that Micro could toss you and unix could fungal and taser you as you landed. Once micro got SHC he really didnt need any help from brine tho, but having both of them there made tower defense next to impossible because even if you did manage to silence them both, you still only had 5 seconds to deal with the minons before it wore off and you were fair game again.


I was Cain so I was one of the few people on my team able to counter very well at all bursting down the minions with explosive retro, and using nitrogen to stave off micro and brine as best I could. But once micro got SHC there was very little anyone could do even tho we packed tasers and the other usual counters. Having a raynor to long range silence woulda been super nice, or a null for some much needed CC, but even then I still think it would have been a very hard game to win the way they played it


I'm sure if I thought about it long enough I could come up with a team that would be able to counter that one, but it def was the most brutal team I've ever faced. If you have some ideas on countering it, Id love to hear em.


So yeah that was my story of getting roflstomped by a very well played premade, anyone else have some super b.i.t.c.h.y team combos they've faced? Would love to get some discussions going on toughest teams to face

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We've talked about laning partner combos before, but I don't think anyone's really discussed hardest teams to face

And since a lot of us play pubs with blind teams, it could be fun to talk teams/strategies to counter said hardest teams as well.


I'm sure other people have faced really b.i.t.c.h.y teams that roflstomped them with crazy combos

And been curious what if anything can be done

I know I for one would love to know how to shut an MK Unix Micro Brine Lord Z team down if I ever ran into it again

(see above)


Plus its fun to get new team ideas


(thought I hit edit, cant actually delete now that its here, sorry for double)

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Yah sounds like you did all you could. Micro with warp shard is still stupid and I have no idea why they reverted him back to his old blink (maybe a tiny bit less distance than before but still ridiculous when you add in SHC). Having a long range caster might of helped (MAAR is always good against destroying minions), but really I think in those situations where you have a team like that and you have assassin heroes on your team, you need to split them up by split pushing and sending them on wild goose chases by using transport to go to one lane, then warping back home as soon as you see their dots off the minimap. Just be glad they didn't have a tass on their team as well.

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Jackson egon kerry maar darpa/nova


Jackson and egon will make sure that every time micro blinks he get silenced.

Maar is here for the red orbs of no push. And the sight reduction, you´ll have micro flying in blind meaning less chance of him succeeding

Kerry bounces will just rape any lowhp(marines or infested terrans).

And you can't go without some dps to finish it so darpa or nova either is fine. Darpa has the silence but i never count on it.


Also good:

queen, another counterpusher that can hold 4 heroes at your t3 bay.

Or just mirror their comp and outskill them :D

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I'd just pick up a SHC, akanna, and take the offense to them. Kill their MK and Unix first then LZ & Brine and save micro for last since he has somewhat little dps compared to the rest.


Hmm, that is an interesting solution.

We pretty much all had tasers but due to they way the combo worked, whoever got thrown never got a chance to use their taser till it was too late, and it was really hard to get a taser off on micro before he tossed someone bc of his SHC.

If everyone was packing SHC/shards it would have let us get the drop on them with tasers for sure, and having warp shards prob would have saved a lot of people earlier in the game

Def will keep that in mind


I dont think any of us had the money for it, but its def something we coulda worked towards if we had thought of it


For me it was Brine, Kerrigan, Zeratul, Geneva and Vergil.

Brine pulls out with super speed, Zeratul jumps in and Ulti, then Vergil ulties through his' and Kerri on top of this. Geneva saves if someone get low...


Haha ouch, thats rough

Zera + any AOE is always a bad day for your team :P

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vergil, rancor, boros, tychus, Darpa


near impossible to kill anyone without superb positioning, and all will end up dealing massive damage without much feed. I don't think there is any one superior comp though. The mass AoE comp of vorpal, vergil, rancor, jax + aa carry is probably the safest one, but it will get hard countered by comps with better initiators and range, for example: Drake, Rancor, Micro, Maar + AA hero.


*talking past tense pre jaxx nerf*

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The comp akanna went against will fail miserably come late game as the comp has no strong sustainable DPS barring possibly LZ if built as AA.


Focus down LZ / unix / Mk / brine / micro in that order in my humble opinion


I agree with your order, but usually we had brine and micro up front witth unix and MK minions, and LZ Unix and MK were more the second line of their push (in the later game)

We couldnt really get near the back without dealing with the front. And the front was mostly there to toss / drag ppl to the back for feeding

We would have killed LZ MK and Unix more if we could ever get near them without being chain stunned / tasered and fungaled :P

It also didn't help that whoever got TS (to deal with unix) became SHC micros next target :P


They didn't really need strong AA DPS because creep snowballing + mass minions could crush all the towers and win the game for them, all they had to do was keep us from being able to defend against the waves with constant harassment


In all honesty though I think our team comp worked against us the most, we simply didnt have enough natural CC, we had too many AA's with no natural AOE

Game probably would have gone a lot different if we had casters like null / vergil / rancor to crush the waves so we could focus on the enemy heros without loosing towers. By the time everyone had explosives/SHM (for CC) + the dps needed to focus down their tanks + the necessary counters like tasers etc to deal with their combos they were already in our base.


Once they got in the base, creep snowball kicked in and made minions even more annoying, and made it extremely hard to form a comeback (somewhere along the way we had 1 person rage, so being a man down didnt help much)


it was a rand pub team vs 5 man premade game so I kind of expected it to go south pretty fast

they had really good teamwork and timing, our team could have used more of both


What I took away was CC >>>> DPS

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CC prevents you from using your DPS, but CC has short duration relative to DPS [Heck, DPS reflects how much sustained damage you deal]; so unless you have a lot of CC you will not be able to nullify all of the enemy's DPS.


Edit: So assuming that you have a lot of coordination to land CC on enemies as the other ends, CC >>>>>>>>> DPS; yes.

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