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- Hero creation began





Name: Justine.Gloria

Unit Base: Tempest

Unit Portrait:Tempest

Type: ranged int aa/caster carry

Script: Gloria


Starting Stats:

Base Health [200]

Base Energy [250]

Movement Speed [2.8]

Attack Range [7]

Attack Speed [2]

Base Damage [50]

Base Armor [1]

Strength – [22] + [3]

Agility – [28] + [5]

Intelligence – [38] + [8]







Heroic Passive: Kinetic Overload

Every time Gloria attacks she stores some residual energy in her Ships Weapon batteries. After 10 auto attacks her batteries will overload causing her next attack to have double her base auto attack range and deal an additional (+50%int) spell dmg to the target and enemies within 1.5 units of the target. Each time Gloria uses an ability the number of auto attacks needed to proc the next Kinetic Overload goes down by one.






Ability One: Kinetic Storm

Gloria fires a shot from her Weapon battery that is altered to stop at a target location. Kinetic storm is 2.5 units i diameter, travels to its destination at a speed of 3.5, and deals dmg to all enemies it travels through. Once it reaches its destination it will stop for a few seconds and deal dmg per second to any enemies standing in it.

Energy Cost: 70/80/90/100

Cooldown: 15

Range: 8


Level 1: deals 50(+80%int) spell dmg and stays at target location for 1 seconds dealing 25(+50%int) per second

Level 2: deals 70(+80%int) spell dmg and stays at target location for 2 seconds dealing 35(+50%int) per second

Level 3: deals 90(+80%int) spell dmg and stays at target location for 3 seconds dealing 45(+50%int) per second

Level 4: deals 110(+80%int) spell dmg and stays at target location for 4 seconds dealing 55(+50%int) per second






Ability two: Scanner Lock

Gloria takes a 2 second channel time to gain a lock on a target enemy with her scanners. For the duration of Scanner Lock the target enemy cannot cloak and gives vision to Gloria and her allies.

Energy Cost: 60/75/90/105

Cooldown: 30/25/20/15

Range: 12


Level 1: Scanner lock lasts 6 seconds and target gives vision in a 4 unit area around itself.

Level 2: Scanner lock lasts 8 seconds and target gives vision in a 6 unit area around itself.

Level 3: Scanner lock lasts 10 seconds and target gives vision in a 8 unit area around itself.

Level 4: Scanner lock lasts 12 seconds and target gives vision in a 10 unit area around itself.






Ability Three: Electromagnetic Bomb

Gloria fires an E. Bomb at a target locaion. The bomb travels at a speed of 4 and explodes in a 3 unit circle slowing enemies by 25% and causing their next ability to cost extra energy. If an enemy uses an ability they will also take spell dmg equal to the energy it cost. Debuffs from E. bomb last 3.5 seconds or until the unit casts an ability.

Energy Cost: 100/120/140/160

Cooldown: 18

Range: 10


Level 1: Next ability cast will require (+50%int) more energy

Level 2: Next ability cast will require (+60%int) more energy

Level 3: Next ability cast will require (+70%int) more energy

Level 4: Next ability cast will require (+80%int) more energy


Note: When taking dmg from using an ability, an enemy will take [(X%int) + (+Abilities base energy cost)] in spell dmg





Ultimate Ability: Kinetic Barrage

Gloria draws power from all of her ships systems and funnels them into her weapon batteries to unleash her final symphony of destruction. When Kinetic Barrage is activated Gloria is unable to move for 3 seconds , but her base weapon range is increased to 14, she gains increased attack speed, and her attacks deal an additional (50%int) spell dmg to the target and enemies within 1.5 units of the target. If Kinetic Overload procs within the duraion of Kinetic Barrage Gloria's base attack range will be increased to 28 for that 1 auto attack and the explosion will deal (100%int) spell dmg to the target and enemies within 3 units of the target.

Energy Cost: 250/350/450

Cooldown: 105/90/75

Range: self


Level 1: Gloria gains 80% attack speed

Level 2: Gloria gains 120% attack speed

Level 3: Gloria gains 160% attack speed






Additional Information

- An int aa carry Gloria relies on her range to stay alive and can be built int, aa, or a mix.


-Suggested items build


+Gravity edge

+Explosive retrofit




+BHM/Star Fury






Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

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Her ult is far too strong, just having attacks go 14 range would be more than enough to be a good ult, but you also want to provide increased attack speed AND AOE splash damage AND added damage to the target itself AND you want the AOE damage to proc on hits AND do a super shot every 10 shots???


Thats just plain crazy.....


No AOE/split damage in the present game procs on hits because it would be too strong, even geneva who attacks 3 targets at once, only procs on hits on 1 of them to keep things fair. Having AOEs proc on hits would be insane because of items like explosive retro prye shadowmourne etc and IMBA compared to every other hero in game.

Using your ult If I hit you and 2 of your teammates with an AOE splash from the ult and had explosive retro, then 3 explosive retros go off at once, making everyone take an added 100% weapon damage on top of the bonus 75% damage you already want to apply to the target....PER HIT....toss in a prye/shadowmourne + things like shard/khali and Ive just killed 3 members of your team in a few seconds from 14 range


This would be insanely OP


Think about it, explosive retrofit does aoe damage but doesnt increase damage to the base target because doing both would be too strong. There isn't a single item in the game that allows you to do a % of your weapon damage as bonus damage on every hit because it would be too strong (Closest you get is BHM/Stars where they proc after every ability cast)


Your ult is like doing Explosive + Ocelots on every hit, while adding more weapon speed than haste (a 3 min cd ability) and amping range to 14. Thats strong enough to count as like 3-4 ults. And you want me to be able to do this every 1-2 minutes? For real....???

No part of that sounds balanced....



If its going to increase attack speed it should not also provide AOE damage and bonus damage to target

If it adds bonus damage to target it should not provide attack speed and AOE

if it adds AOE it should not provide bonus damage to target and attack speed


Pick 1 of those things and it MIGHT be considered fair with a higher CD.....but with all 3 of those things added on top of 14 range its stupidly OP


(actually just having 14 range AA by itself for 3.5 seconds is stronger than a lot of ults in game if you think about it)


You def should rework his ult and passive....

AOE on hits is too broken to put in game (assuming you could even program it)

And the ULT just does too many things for 1 skill


The other skills seem much more thought out for balance and I don't see any problems with them per say

I actually really like that you gave the oracle "premonition" to the tempest :P

I don't want you to think I am hating on your idea, I am just pointing out how broken that ult would be

And how broken AOE on hits would be

I think the rest of the skills are pretty cool and it would be fun to get another flying hero in the game besides starscream.

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- I didnt think about Explosive procing on her hp and ulti and you are right that would be op as shap lol


- Though i did slightly nerf the ult(and the removal of on hit items effects) i think it should be balanced now. Though i think your making it out to be stronger than it is. it preforms a very similar role to boros omnislash and zera bubble, it ensures that She can get a few attacks off. If you look at her base weapon speed it is 2. At level 6 she will be able to get 2 attacks off at most and at level 16+ she could get at most 4-5 attacks off (not sure about max weapon speed but its around .6-.8 for a hero with 2 base weapon speed) Her ulti also makes her immobile for 3 seconds reducing her poor mobility to being non-existant. All Gloria has is her range, once you get in close it is over for her.

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