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Attack speed mechanics


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I think it's just AS / 4 now, for the cap.


Below is what I remember:


For the Attack Speed stacking, let us ASSUME THE FOLLOWING:

-Your base Attack Speed is 2.

-You have EXACTLY +10% Attack Speed from Agility

-You have +10% Attack Speed from Dominion Standard

-You have +12% Attack Speed from a Serrated Cleaver


For this, we do:

2 / 1.1 / 1.1 / 1.12 = 1.476 Seconds per Attack

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Or, to put it another way, 10% attack speed bonus boosts your Attacks per Second (and, consequently, your DPS) by 10%. Another 10% boost increases it by 10% of the new value. Say you deliver 1 attack per second. With +10% aspd, you now deal 1.1 attacks per second. Another 10% gives you 1.21 attacks per second rather than just 1.20. A third 10% would give you 1.331 aps rather than just 1.30. So on and so forth. Your bonus from Agility works similarly; each point of agility improves your DPS by 0.29% cumulatively. So to get the 10% bonus in Eliwan's example, you'd need (log1.0029 1.1) which comes out to about 33 Agi.

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