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AFAIK, Shields are exactly like normal HP. They consider your physical and spell resist and they will absorb true damage before it starts touching your regular HP. There used to be items that gave shields and they would regen like normal shields in melee work, but the only way to get shields now is through special abilities and they have their own rules. For example, Geneva's heroic passive shields automatically "pop" back to full once she's been out of combat for the designated period (I think it's 12 seconds or something close). Other abilities grant shields that will "pop" off after a given period, rather than recharge.

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-Shields are affected by Physical and Spell Resistance

-True Damage does not bypass shields-- however DoTs may, one time I remember dying when I had shields-- that might have been an earlier version though.



So your armor/ MR affects your shield? " e.g: Vibranium shield active.


I thought if was raw HP with 0 Armor/Mres.


Ty for info.

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Shields are like hp but temporary, and with the added advantage of not affecting items like pyre.


so shields is not considered HP when pyre hits it. i assume that goes the same for sunflares?


next question:

since shields are temporary, and usually based on duration. does timescale affect this duration? also if you have shields up, and you get hit by timespliter, does the duration increase?

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