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Date 26/12/2012

Date 27/12/2012: I changed abilities, and scaling on certain abilities.



Name: Multra.Lisk

Portrait: Ultralisk

Unit Base: Ultralisk

Type: DPS/Caster

Script: Mutated Ultralisk, mainly known as Multralisk are a rare species of Ultra's. These ultra's are unique because instead of using claws, they spit out smaller ultralisks which spit out another smaller ultralisk.. They are also smaller then the typical Ultralisk and are less beefy. Since they are not very beefy, they like to attack in packs, and sometimes they eat rocks which they can pelt at enemies.

Starting Stats:

Base Health 219

Movement Speed 2.99

Attack Range 5.99

Attack Speed –1.89

Base Damage 49

Attack Name | Animation - Multi-barf (An ultralisk appears in his mouth, half size of him and continues doing this until it reaches target.)

Base Armor 1

Strength – 20+4

Agility – 24+5

Intelligence – 30+8




Heroic Passive: For the Hunt

When Multra spawns, he summons 5 of his companions. These companions each deal (20%weapondamage), and use every skill he uses, because of this, he is the only one who when he attacks, he deals no damage, but his attacks will proc items. His clones are invulnerable except for when Multra takes damage. When he takes damage, they all do. They also gain the same effects from heals and the only way they can die is if Multra dies. In order to recognize him, he is a bright red, while the others are blue. COMPANIONS DO NOT PROC ITEMS

Effect: An ability that lets him use multiple effects for his abilities.




Ability One: Blink'd

Ultra tells his companions to blink onto a target, dealing damage and slowing per ultralisk for all units hit.

Energy Cost: 80,100,120,140

Cooldown: 18,16,14,12

Range: 6


Level 1: Deals 17+(16%weapondamage) spell damage per ultralisk, and slows by 9%, stacks 2 times.

Level 2: Deals 21+(16%(weapondamage) spell damage per ultralisk, and slows by 10%, stacks 2 times.

Level 3: Deals 25+(16%(weapondamage) spell damage per ultralisk, and slows by 11%, stacks 2 times.

Level 4: Deals 29+(16%(weapondamage) spell damage per ultralisk, and slows by 12%, stacks 2 times.


Effect: Multra selects the target, and all of his ultralisks will blink to that unit.




Ability Two: Colour Swap

Multra swaps himself with another ultralisk, this does not change the attack target of any units that are attacking him. The Ultralisk selected is random. Also gives himself a small amount of hp.

Energy Cost: 30,40,50,60

Cooldown: 15,13,11,9

Range: self


Level 1: Heals for 60+(20%INT)

Level 2: Heals for 70+(22%INT)

Level 3: Heals for 80+(24%INT)

Level 4: Heals for 90+(26%INT)


Effect: A fairly easy spamming ability that heals him and makes it harder for opponents to kill. Reason for low increase by level is for much lower cd.




Ability Three: Rock Barf

Multra calls his ultras to barf a rock onto target unit, dealing damage and stunning them.

Energy Cost: 80,100,120,140

Cooldown: 20,18,16,14

Range: 7


Level 1: Deals 15+(17%INT) spell damage per hit. Stuns for 0.2 seconds per ultralisk.

Level 2: Deals 20+(17%INT) spell damage per hit. Stuns for 0.3 seconds per ultralisk.

Level 3: Deals 25+(17%INT) spell damage per hit. Stuns for 0.4 seconds per ultralisk.

Level 4: Deals 30+(17%INT) spell damage per hit. Stuns for 0.5 seconds per ultralisk.






Ultimate Ability: Multi Multra

Multra calls in more companions to fight by his side

Energy Cost: passive

Cooldown: passive

Range: passive


Level 1: 1 more ultralisk companion.

Level 2: 2 more ultralisk companions.

Level 3: 3 more ultralisk companions.


Effect: More ultralisks = more damage via spells and physical attack.




Additional Information


Recommended Item Build:


Starting Items:


Mid-Game Items:


Late-Game Items:


Core Items:


Optional Items:




Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

I will get to items soon.

I was bored today so i made 3 heroes lol.

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Ok first off, for an int hero caster none of her skills scale with int except the W -_-. If you were to make him an agi hero then his skills along with their scaling would make since but even then they are all very weak. i suggest changing skills to scale with int.


-Q and E are practically the same thing, pick one to keep then rework the other. Also they are both extrememly weak dmg wise which wouldnt be as bad as an agi aa hero but he is an int caster. Whichever one you keep needs a base dmg and maybe increase the scaling 15-20%int


-W Extremely weak skill on a very long cd. erekul has an ability that heals for x(+40%int) and also deals dmg and is on a shorter cd. raise the amount it heals for, give it a base amount to work with, and shorten the cd to maybe 15/13/11/9 seconds so it isnt terribad early game


-HIs HP and Ulti Are ok but just as a clarification can the ultras proc item effects? becasue if they can i would suggest deacreasing the amount of ultras HP gives to maybe 1 at the beggining and having the ulti increase by 1/2/3 so that you arent raping people with pyre at 40% of their total health in spell dmg every auto attack. With that you would prolly need to make Ultras deal 100% weapon dmg, but then have the ulti decrease the amount each ultra gives 60%/46%/40%. That way all together your total dmg per attack would be 100%-level 0 ulti / 120%-level 1 ulti / 140%-level-2 ulti / 160%level-3 ulti.


Just some food for thought. Thanks for the suggestion and keep up the good work.

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I do have to make this comment because i keep seeing it frequently.


1) You need to add base damage to your abilities. All your abilities you make always Scales with 1 specific thing (And most common should always be INT, Weap damage in rare scaling on usually only abilities that involve using a weapon).

If you make it pure scaling, you risk everything acting like Maar's Sap. Deals no damage early game, and deals a huge amount of damage late game.


It is okay to have things scale with weap. But you must remember that INT is the main thing of damage for almost all casters or spells.

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Quistmann: I thought i had put does not proc items for companions, which i will be doing immediatly.. Yeah i will be changing the e to a different skill. I swear u didnt read the ability for w. It swaps the ultralisk completely so that u will keep attacking same ultralisk as before, but it will be different one for hero. This could mean while your running away, and a nuke is right onto you and you cant get away, you can switch to a different ultra and it might miss. It also helps in 1v1 fights because the aa carry will have to select a new ultralisk eachtime you use the ability. Also i will reduce starting cooldown signifigantly for it. Also i will have the e for int, so that its more of an Int char. Also the reason why the skills don't deal very much damage because all but the w are multiplied by 5 until you get ultimate. At level 16, all skills but w are multiplied by 8, so thats why they have low scaling.

Itsthatguy: I will be having some busy editing and balancing, so there will be base damage on the attacks, not much because that will give a large amount of damage.


-Edit- I gave them base damage and slightly increased scaling on spells, they should have about ~20% more scaling each.

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