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- Hero creation began

- Q changed to dmg amp from physical dmg amp




Name: Breaker.Sethina

Unit Base: Siege Breaker

Unit Portrait: Siege Breaker

Type: ranged str tank-support

Script: Sethina


Starting Stats:

Base Health [300]

Base Energy [150]

Movement Speed [2.8]

Attack Range [5]

Attack Speed [2]

Base Damage [50]

Base Armor [1]

Strength – [38] + [8]

Agility – [22] + [3]

Intelligence – [28] + [5]







Heroic Passive: Hold the Lines

As a Seige breaker Sethina preforms her best when in a group and can help protect them from within their own ranks. Sethina receives 4% dmg resist for each allied hero in a 10 unit radius (Sethina does not get dmg resist for being by herself). If all 4 allied Heros are present not only does Sethina gain 16% dmg resist but also gives off a Hold the Lines aura that reduces dmg taken by 20(+2*level).






Ability One: Armour Shattering Rounds

Sethina's next auto attack will fire an Amour Shattering Round that breaks the targets armour and causing it to shatter dealing dmg to all enemy units within 4 units.

Energy Cost: 60/70/80/90

Cooldown: 16

Range: self


Level 1: Amps dmg on targets by 6%, and shatter deals 4(*opponents armour) spell dmg

Level 2: Amps dmg on targets by 12%, and shatter deals 6(*opponents armour) spell dmg

Level 3: Amps dmg on targets by 18%, and shatter deals 8(*opponents armour) spell dmg

Level 4: Amps dmg on targets by 24%, and shatter deals 10(*opponents armour) spell dmg


Note: This doesnt deal dmg to the target so aiming at a high armour target will weaken them and deal dmg to other enemy heros around them





Ability two: Adhesive Rounds

Sethina adds an acidic gel tip to her tank shells that cause them to stick to you opponents giving them 1 Adhesive Round Stack. Adhesive Rund Sacks last for 5 seconds and are refreshed upon being hit by anouther adheisve round (Maximum of 5 stacks). Enemies that are affected by all 5 stacks of Adheisve Rounds take spell dmg per second

Energy Cost: 10/15/20/25 per shot

Cooldown: toggleable

Range: self


Level 1: Each ARS slows enemy movement by 6% (30%max), 20(+15%int) spell dmg at full stacks per second

Level 2: Each ARS slows enemy movement by 8% (40%max), 30(+15%int) spell dmg at full stacks per second

Level 3: Each ARS slows enemy movement by 10% (50%max), 40(+15%int) spell dmg at full stacks per second

Level 4: Each ARS slows enemy movement by 12% (60%max), 50(+15%int) spell dmg at full stacks per second






Ability Three: Overdrive

Sethina puts her Seige breaker into overdrive increasing its size, movement speed, and knocks up enemies for .75 seconds if she runs into them. Enemies can only be knocked up once every 4 seconds.

Energy Cost: 80/90/100/110

Cooldown: 16

Range: self


Level 1: Sethina's unit base is 1.25 times bigger and grants 15% movement speed.

Level 2: Sethina's unit base is 1.5 times bigger and grants 25% movement speed.

Level 3: Sethina's unit base is 1.75 times bigger and grants 35% movement speed.

Level 4: Sethina's unit base is 2 times bigger and grants 45% movement speed.






Ultimate Ability: Siege Mode

Sethina Transforms her Siege tank down into siege mode to help strengthen her position. When Sethina is in Siege mode she is unable to move, has her base weapon speed increased to 3, but has increased range, and her attacks also stun her target and deal (100% Weapon dmg) spell dmg. There is a 1.5 second transformation time and Sethina will have a 2 unit radius blind spot around her that she cannot attack in siege mode at all levels.

Energy Cost: 75/100/125

Cooldown: toggleable

Range: self


Level 1: increases range by 4 and attacks stun targets for .4 seconds

Level 2: increases range by 6 and attacks stun targets for .8 seconds

Level 3: increases range by 8 and attacks stun targets for 1.2 seconds


Note: Because the attacks now deal spell dmg the intent is that she cant deal any dmg to towers.





Additional Information

- ive got nothing atm, will add to this later when im not so tired :)




Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

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Hold The Lines,

One thing i dislike about a plain reduction in damage, is that it massively counters summons and DoM. It completely destroyed. Hold the lines will cause all summons to basicly deal 0 or half damage. ):

DoM, I'm not sure how it would work, but i would assume it would really reduce that damage.


note: Towers take damage from spell damage, most abilities just don't effect towers.(i.e. Raynor silence shots a tower, the tower doesn't recieve the silence debuff).

Also, if attacks stun 1.2 seconds, Her max attack speed at a base of 3 is 0.6 unless weapon speed doesnt matter in siege mode.

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there is an excess of grammatical errors in the hero backstory. i am disappointed, man of quists.


-What back story?


also note that ur ult doesn't work well with your armor reduction ability, since u can't amp ur own damage, which seems a bit silly


and you REALLY like lulu don't you.


-the intent was that he couldnt attack towers with his ulti, but i suppose if the Q turned into dmg amp instead of physical amp it would synergies better with the ulti. Though obviously i would have to reduce the amp. And yes i do love lulu :D


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