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[Hero] Jack.Reaper


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Date: 12/25/2012

==Changedlog: Changed [Q] ability.

Changed Final: 4 sec channel to 3 sec channel and self inflicted movement speed debuff from 5 to 3 seconds.


Name: Jack.Reaper

Portrait: Ghost

Unit Base: Ghost

Type: Int Assassin//Super Glass Cannon

Script: A specialized assassin that does all his dirty work from far away. He is a professional hit man who targets the most dangerous people. Making many enemies along the way, he has manage to kill all his enemies because of his heightened senses and professional Sniper skills. He carries only his bare essentials and sniper rifle with him at all items, making him extremely vulnerable to damage. While he is physically weak, he makes up for his professional aiming and range. His main equipment is consisted of his Snipe Rifle which has a two different rounds, both dealing massive damage, and his Destroyer rifle, which carries his standard bullets, and his experimental magnetic rounds.


Starting Stats:

Base Health - 220

Movement Speed - 2.7

Attack Range - 5.5

Attack Speed - 2.1

Base Damage - 61

Attack Name | Animation - Destroyer Rifle

Base Armor – 1

Strength – 14 + 3

Agility – 14 + 3

Intelligence – 37 + 8


Note: I wanted to make this hero different from standard AoS heroes, where they have a good normal damage ability and cast. This hero more revolves around massive high damage and range, but long Cooldowns in the process.



Heroic Passive: Heightened Senses

"Jack can sense danger near him. Jack can see enemies in a 20-unit Radius around him but does not reveal Fog of War. Allies will not gain this benefit, and can not see the enemies Jack sees. Doesn't show cloaked units."


Effect: This effect shows the enemy location and their unit. You can not click them, and your allies don't get this vision too. It does not show the location of enemies if they are cloaked either. [The effect is similar to when an enemy damages you, and walks out of sight radius, where you can see their hero, but can not click or cast abilities on them]. While this helps you know the enemy location, the person actually playing Jack will have to tell you who and where the enemy is constantly if you want this to help a lot for allies too. This is also great for Jack to get into position to take an enemy down.




Ability One: True Path

"Jack shoots a projectile which hits the first enemy unit it comes in contact with dealing Spell damage or until it reaches max range. Channel 1 second. Projectile moves at a speed of 30."

Energy Cost: 90//120//150//180

Cooldown: 15 [3 charges] [1 sec cd interval]

Range: 15//20//25//30


Level 1: Deals 50[+50%int] Spell Damage.

Level 2: Deals 90[+50%int] Spell Damage.

Level 3: Deals 130[+50%int] Spell Damage.

Level 4: Deals 170[+50%int] Spell Damage.


Effect: A far ranged snipe for harassment and long range support.




Ability Two: Critical Scope [Passive]

"Jack applies a special scope on his Rifle. Because of this, Jack gains Attack Range, and his Standard attack (Destroyer Rifle) also deals bonus True Damage if the target is a 5-units away from Jack."

Energy Cost: None

Cooldown: None

Range: 5+


Level 1: Deals 10[+15%int] Bonus True Damage. +0.5 Attack Range.

Level 2: Deals 15[+15%int] Bonus True Damage. +1.0 Attack Range.

Level 3: Deals 20[+15%int] Bonus True Damage. +1.5 Attack Range.

Level 4: Deals 25[+15%int] Bonus True Damage. +2.0 Attack Range.






Ability Three: Polarized Round

"Jack shoots a magnetic round at a targeted location from his destroyer rifle in an AoE 1-unit Radius. Enemies hit will takes spell damage and receive a magnetic debuff which lasts up to 3 seconds. When a polarized Round is shot at a location, any enemy with a magnetic debuff will be pulled to the spot the Polarized Round hit, regardless if they were hit. The pull is applied on enemies before the magnetic debuff is applied, making it so that the first round that hit an enemy won't pull. Enemies will be pulled for 1 second, and move towards the location at a 12 units per second. Enemies with a magnetic debuff will also lose movement."

Energy Cost: 60//70//80//90

Cooldown: 18//17//16//15 [2 Charges, 1 sec CD interval]

Range: 5//6//7//8


Level 1: Deals 40[+35%int] Spell Damage. Magnetic debuff -11% Movement Speed.

Level 2: Deals 60[+35%int] Spell Damage. Magnetic debuff -14% Movement Speed.

Level 3: Deals 80[+35%int] Spell Damage. Magnetic debuff -17% Movement Speed.

Level 4: Deals 100[+35%int] Spell Damage. Magnetic debuff -20% Movement Speed.


Effect: A pulling ability, Great for escaping and pulling a target, to help team in close ranged combat, and giving more time to set off a Death Round. Probably the only serious ability. This ability is good, as you can control where you want to pull the target if you hit them at first. You can pull them to the left, right, behind you, infront of you, or away from you as long as it is in your range. Since it can pull 12 units per sec for only 1 second, the maximum distance it can pull is 12 units.




Ultimate Ability: One Shot to End it All

"Jack uses an extremely heavy round bullet to end his foe. Channels for 3 seconds before shooting a heavy penetrating round on the target, dealing massive spell damage. The impact is so great, that it stuns enemies for 2 seconds, and causing Jack to lose 60% Movement speed and attack speed for 3 seconds. In addition, the enemy starts to bleed heavily from the round, causing them to take True damage over 10 seconds."

Energy Cost: 300//500//700

Cooldown: 120//110//100

Range: 15


Level 1: Deals 400[+100%int] Spell Damage. Deals 100[+50%int] True Damage over 10 seconds.

Level 2: Deals 600[+100%int] Spell Damage. Deals 150[+50%int] True Damage over 10 seconds.

Level 3: Deals 800[+100%int] Spell Damage. Deals 200[+50%int] True Damage over 10 seconds.


Effect: A Massive channel ability, it deals Huge amounts of damage. Sadly, Cyprus's final can actually easily deal more damage with this if you successfully combo (it deals 1500[+100%int] Spell Damage and with argus and yamato, it is higher, and then seismic wave makes it even more damage]. With the long channels, it makes it definately avoidable, as Jack is supose to be a far ranged person who supports you by taking out all the lower hp enemies.




Additional Information



Core Items: SHC SmallHadronColliderMini.png (Escape), ArgusCrystal.png Argus, NitrogenRetrofit.png Nitrogen, GravityEdgeMini.png Gravity, YamatoReactor.png Yamato (Very good, timescale needed to lower channel), StarsFuryMini.png Starfury






Closing statement

Thanks for reading. This was a hero that i just made in a few minutes. Probably my fastest hero suggestion. Also probably my more random one, as most heroes don't have such high damage, high range, or high channeling. Sadly, many heroes actually scale better in INT, and also deal more Spell Damage than this hero. This hero isn't as strong as you would think, especially by the fact he has no Hp or armor. Sacrificing one or two items for that would greatly reduce his damage too.


I guess heroes like this get made when I'm bored LOL. This is a result of what happens when you make a hero suggestion 5 minutes after watching a movie with a Sniper as the main character.

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Three things :)


1) with a hero named jackson and jakk already in the game im not sure that we need a jack ;)


2) i dont feel as though this heros abilites synergize that well, having two abilites that need channeling and then one that affects your aa then one that is a casting spell just makes a hero feel clunky to play. It also makes it near impossible to combo skills together.


3) Q ability is a bit on the strong side, with the cast time it seems more like a week ultimate but its his q. Maybe lower the cast time lower dmg(except then you get rancors snipe). The utility on his E is also too strong, effectively a 10 unit pull that also slows you. i would suggest reducing that to maybe 3-4 units at the most. You compare his ulti to system ult but he doesnt have to get within taser range to do this so comparing it to a raynor ult would be more correct and if you do that then it deffinitally seems to do too much dmg. though doing so makes your w less effective.


On another note i think that the q and r are too similar and you should prolly change one to being a non-channeled skill that isnt just a long range nuke.

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Abilty 1 and ultimate are basically the same thing. Also conflicts with Raynor's ultimate/ Rancor's snipe (q and ult are basically a Snipe on severe steroids in cast time, damage and stun). I like the passive, although it should not be in a circle, it should be in a narrow cone, so that this hero can actually be flanked, and not just by heroes with cloak (I mean, I think you chose this hero to be the ultimate Rancor feed, imobile, squishy, huge casting times..... nuke-snipe = dead). The cast times are ludicrous, not only will then enemy get out of range before they are done (a slow movement speed is ~3 units per second, with your 4 and 5 second cast times, they can probably walk out of the range of your skills, even if you started casting them while beside them), they can just walk the closer route to you and taser/burst you. Even with a TPI rush, you'd get owned. W is just useless considering your cast time and A.S. dissable.



Of all people to support this idea, I'd be one of the most likely. Hell, my Problem.Solver is rather similar in modelling, and idea (long range, no escape skills, has massive map knowledge, etc). The fact that I'm not thrilled about it, means that you didn't do a really good job. So spend that extra bit of time, rethink his skillset, make them more different from each other and rancor/raynor's, and also try and get a better fundamental idea of what function that hero performs other than "long range, cast time, damage".



Polarized round is a cool and unique idea, if a bit OP. I'd keep it, and the heroic passive, and work from there. You can also keep one of Q or R, provided you change it enough that it is't that similar to Snipe/ Raynor ult.



EDIT: oh and what's up with the stats? Squishy is one thing, having 800 Hp at level 18, and 390 hp at level 1, excluding talents/ items is quite another. Scratch out that line about nuke-sniping, Rancor can kill him with a single regular snipe, probably without even cloak. Nova can 2 shot him at level 1, probably 1 shot by level 5.

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seems like a pretty cool hero, but the ulti does need to be changed or the q. A cool ability would be that enemies within the radius who have less then 50% health would be seen, so you can very easily pick them off. Or you could have something to do with the artifact ability in final campaign mission. Like he carries a smaller kinda of thing like a weaker version of the artifact. It would be a pretty big explosion doing lots of int damage. But its your hero, so all up to you.

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