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Structure heroes and other unique models.


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Am i the only one who wants to see a flying nexus? People say we are running out of models but there are tons of buildings. Also we could use wc3 models, like kobolds and dragons. So i dont see why people are saying "Well we are sort of running low on models," there is so many its ridicoulous. If you wanted you could have a tree as your hero.

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Starport hero (usually in flight mode)


heroic passive: starport cannot attack, instead launching wraiths, like a carrier at target enemy

Ability 1: Drop Bombs: Drops bombs, dealing damage to anything below him, and slowing movement speed by 50%.

Ability 2: (passive) Terran building armor: gives starport 10/20/30/40% physical damage resist.

Abilty 3: Drop: Drops an army of Goliaths that march toward target location, shooting any enemy targets in range.

Ult: Crush. Starport lands on any location underneath it, instantly killing all enemies underneath. Two sec cast time.


5 minutes to create, and pretty ludicrous. But awesome regardless.

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