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General description of the playstyles for heroes?


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Hi, I've played a bit of LoL and Star Battle, was interested in trying AoS out. Is there any place where I can read up on the various heroes and what they do? The Database only seems to have it up on select heroes.


I was wondering in particular if there are any strong "DoT" utility classes, in Star Battle for example I like being that Overlord that runs around, plagues/contaminates/syphons people, then gets his glass cannony self out of harms way in a hurry. Thanks

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Play them!

For the first try-out I'd suggest trying them in test mode.

Start a singleplayer game (private game).

Type -money to add 100'000Minerals

Type -hero XXX to switch to the hero XXX (eg. -hero drake, -hero -shadow, -hero brine)

Type -test to spawn Obelisks (Get a stopwatch and see how fast you can own them! Or kill levi/aeon).

Type -help to see a list of commands.

The description sometimes gives a bit of Info aswell.


Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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ah a fellow Star Battle player :)


Overlord being one of my favorite I've also looked for characters that fit the role, i tend to lean towards support characters.


The closest I've come was Egon.

His Q ability which either heals an ally or damages an enemy (transfusion/plague)

His W silences enemies so they cant use any spells or it grants Energy to allys.

His E works as an AoE heal

And his R just gives him a boost in all that granting stats and movement speed.


But honestly you can play all the heros you want and still just suck.... I suggest just going through items are watch what other people get. Start by following your recomended items and once you get the hang of it you can go off and ind what works for you.


For an example, if you get Nitrogen Retrofit it grants intelligence and health in addition your spell damage slows enemy movement. if you get this and use your Q it works like Contamination.

Hope to see you out there. I'm in the star battle channel as well so you can message me there for a game if you'd like.

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