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When to buy armor/SR?


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I'm just wondering, because at a price of 150 per point of armor (3% physical resist) and 425 per 8% spell resist (stacking mirror platings), it seems cost-ineffective to buy either over hp until 2000 hp, judging from two spreadsheets I've made of effective hp. Resistances make EVERYTHING, including health and more resistances, add more effective hp.


After 2000 hp, however, it seems like stacking hp is now always less cost-effective against either spell or physical damage, so stacking armor at this point against physical damage dealers is always more effective than building hp to counter it, although hp DOES protect you from both types of damage. Armor/SR stacking is twice as effective as hp stacking at around the 3k hp point--so unless your enemy is Dustin or a bunch of crit stackers, I think having more than 3k hp might be cost-ineffective. This could help with tanky/DPS builds that try to find a balance between damage and defensive stats.


What do you guys think?




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The presence of pyre simply ruins the armor system, making armor less effective compared to the armor system in dota. Also, aos heroes have relatively high output dmg compared to the ones in other games. (u gotta need a divine rapier to reach nova's aa dmg) so I'll say aos focuses more on buff/debuffs such as slow, stun, regen or bonus dmg(argus, bhm instead of stats points or armor points

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Ye. I could explain why, but 4 years of moba are enough.


I'll do if I want but too lazy, btw your Op post is agree with me so I don't understand why that comment comes from you.


AoS didn't exist for 4 years, let alone the current armor system.


Other games have different pricing and systems. LoL, for example, has actual diminishing returns. In AoS, each point of armor makes you take exactly 3% less damage than you were taking before. in LoL the equation is different.

So no, experience in other moba has absolutely nothing to do with this.


If you have math to make a point then go ahead, but if you're going to go off the general "hp stacking is bad" mentality (which is correct in other mobas) then you have to explain how it applies to AoS.

I see no reason not to stack hp until 2k, then no reason to build much more hp past 3k unless the enemy has a lot of true damage.


Perhaps the sweet spot is 3.5-4k to account for crits/gravity edge, but too much hp late-game is not cost-effective because of the way resistances work.

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Yep I know the mitigation works different every game. Lol is 100/100+ (M.res or armor)= X*100.


Life is not bad, I didn't say this. But in my opinion, it is not a tanky way by itself, if you get some defences with it, it helps then.


Any str hero get more than 2k health even not getting specifically health items, just str items u past that 2k 3k.


Every char is different, for example for squisshy ones I prefer items which let me position better or a way to escape more than health ( Electric/ SHC...)


I am bad at maths too, so I know you can explain this better what I could do :D.


But mostly I agree what you write, so I feel like a discuss with myself :(

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I really dont think there is a "right" way to stack HP/armor/spell resist this game.


To me, it depends on enemy teams comp and item choices.


Burst heroes? (Cyprus/rancor/gara etc) - max HP along with some SR. No gravity edge on them? Focus on SR.. But then who doesn't get gravity edge on burst spell caster -.-


AA hero without pyre? Armor first > HP to a certain limit


With pyre? electric mantle, shrapnel, Balance of HP and armor.


In general, I am not a HP whore, and mostly get spell-resist oriented items for defense such as electric, parallax and spell buffer. I like complementing this with SHC for mobility/HP/time scale

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