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The Situation of this Mango


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In all of history in the universe, entities of pure power protected the borders of their respective universes. However in one universe, the entity has disappeared from his post and the borders between the Earth universe, Light world universe and the dark world universe are collapsing. This is causing energy from both the light and dark world to spill into the Earth's universe. The energy reaching Earth is causing mutation unlike any other (picking up traits of demons or angels).


Because of this lack of barriers, the light and dark world are enraged at each other because they are just so different.


The light world Situation

The light world is fighting the dark world however still maintaining their hierarchy. The queen of the light world has not been present for 300 years and many angels are looking for the artifacts of the queen which have spread across all 3 universes. To become the queen, an angel must obtain all 3 artifacts which each hold a different trait of all the previous queens and by getting all three, the angels gains the power necessary to run the light world.


The dark world situation

The dark world is still in their own kind of situation, however now that inhabitants aren't just fighting with each other, they have to fight angels who come to attack their planet.


Earth's situation

Earth is just in the middle of all this chaos. Also the lack of the pure power entity in our universe has caused humans to not be bound by what would naturally happen (diseases to kill off more people). This gives our own explanation for the boom in population and also global warming.


The other situation

There is another race that is starting to appear due to the lack of the barriers, the Fallen. These are a hybrid of demons and angels which are shunned by both races. They are treated like criminals and are sealed off in a different universe where they are left to rot. Some of these fallen are powerful enough to hide their presence and live peacefully on earth, for now.

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Sounds like a good plot. However, introducing four parties right from the start may be a little confusing.


This manga is going to fall together like a puzzle piece. The only thing you know at the beginning is that there is an "angel" that is catching criminals.

You do not know the guy is a god.

And you only meet about 3 characters initially, having another join probably every 7ish chapters.

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