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Griefing - how do you deal with it?


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This is mainly regarding pubs, as in IH people would just remake.


How do you deal with players on your team who work for the enemy other than quitting the game and letting them win?


This isn't aimed at feeders but more at those who use spells which have detrimental effects on alies as well:

Zeratul Swap/Chronosphere

Unix egg block

Tauren block (including locking you in spawn)

System rock block (including locking you in spawn)

Shadow Vortex

Jackson Mass Effect


list goes on.


They are working as intended, but they have major griefing potential too when someone wants to get you killed for some reason or another.

For example you fighting a tower and getting Chronosphere so that it misses the tower but catches you inside or vortexing you so the enemy can catch up etc. The offending player just runs and uses the spells for no other reason than to grief as opposed to accidental usage

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