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[Item] Golden Soul


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I was just thinking about how Silver Soul is rarely bought. While it is a nice touch for summons, it doesn't really give that extra boost towards summons that are needed. It also cost quite a bit, and gives you very little benefits. It gives Spell resist which is nice, but most heroes do not need energy. Also, this is a final item where you can't build it into something, making it much less valuable too.


Golden Soul

Recipe Cost: 250

Total Cost: 3700

Required Items: SilverSoulMini.pngCrystalBark.png


+20% Spell Resistance

+425 Energy

+7 Armor


[unique] Every time you use an ability, you and nearby allies in a 12-unit Radius gain +18% Movement Speed for 6 seconds. Does not stack with Silver Soul.


[Active] You gain +15% Movement Speed for 5 seconds. In addition all Summons and Creeps in a 8-unit Radius gain +35% Movement Speed for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 45 seconds


This gives you nice nice speed. The Active helps summons catch enemies late game, as summons don't gain movement speed while enemies can buy speed items and outrun summons easily. It can also provide you with the extra movement speed boost needed. Note: Phantom Menace gives a lot of movement speed primarily out of battle while this gives a lot of movement speed usually inside of battle.


Useful for: Queen (Speed banglings and ultralisk up). Biotron (Final). Marineking (Marines). Also useful for grunty in river racer. (Good with Leo i guess too) Just my opinion :P

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